Planetside 2

Alternative names: Planetside 2

Planetside 2 online - original MMOFPS from Sony Online Entertainment where players are waiting for large scale battles. If you're fed up with browser-razvlekalovki where you fumbling in one place and craving one on one with an opponent, if you want something grand and impressive, if your heart yearns and longs for the routine of Fame - The Game Planetside 2 perfect to meet all your desires daring. Here in one battle involving thousands of players but it is not like unintelligible mess. Starting to play Planetside 2, you become a member of a global war, where everything is detailed and meticulous attention to detail, each fulfills its role, there is a place strategy and teamwork. Events develop spacious locations, consisting of tens of square kilometers. You will visit all three continents, dedicated to the gameplay. Іndar, Esamir, and Amerish - is not just a territorial space, and places where it is constantly seething different scene. Besides, you can not only roam the earth, but also up in the air, using all sorts of techniques.

All you need to penetrate the vastness of the universe - Planetside 2 registration. To create an account, fill out the information in the required fields: station name, password confirmation, email address, country, date of birth. Subscribe to news happens automatically, but compliance with the rules of the game registration Planetside 2 requires confirm by ticking the appropriate box.

Examine the list of system requirements necessary to provide a comfortable gameplay: Microsoft Windows XP; Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 (or higher) or AMD Phenom II X2 (or higher) graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 8600 (or higher) / AMD or ATI 4850 series (or higher) compatible sound card DirectX; 256 MB VRAM; free hard disk space 15 GB, 4 GB of RAM. If this all settled, safely open the door to a fantastic world!

As a beginner, you must specify the fraction on the side where you want to fight. Then be able to select the most appropriate class to undertake what your soul craves. Let's get acquainted with the available factions. New Conglomerate (leader SeaNanners) - Rebels is ready for his ideas to give life. These organized groups of dissidents are doing everything possible to be ready to fulfill the ideal of upcoming missions. Terran Republic (leader TotalBiscuit) is designed to control the colonies citizens. Warriors of the nation enforce the law and maintain order. Representatives of Sovereignty Wan (leader Tobuscus) believe that the future of humanity just need to follow the technological progress. They themselves have long used the alien technology and are able to unravel the secrets of ancient artifacts. But who would you belong to, this cruel war affects anyone who dared to come here. Will not rest nor in crowded cities, or in the wide field. After all battles take place everywhere. So hang on!

Planetside 2 online game has a number of elements that distinguish it from its predecessor and other Internet projects. For example, it is available to long-distance running, provided the use of sights and regenerating shields, on the trajectory of the bullet affects gravity, tree development allows surpass its rivals (approximately 15-20%) and fights involving about 3,000 fighters raise adrenaline maximum. Its flavor makes changing time of day and weather conditions. After a fight have a huge impact factors such as light and darkness, fog or clouds huge, easily hide.

Play game Planetside 2 You will be using ground and air vehicles, as well as many pieces of awesome arsenal. Remember that success in battle depends primarily on decent weapons and skills of the character. So pay close attention to gear and leveling characteristics. The longer you Planetside 2 play, the more interesting it becomes. After gradually revealed the full potential of this extraordinary game.

3D engine does its thing, and you will feel that everything that happens on the screen is really real. Immerse yourself in a military atmosphere to experience the whole gamut of emotions party epic battles! Good luck and inspiration!


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