Alternative names: PLANEWARS

Online game PLANEWARS - three-dimensional browser MMORPG game. Interested primarily in that the range of possibilities and the shell program close to the level of client programs, which is why PLANEWARS online game is considered the new generation. Join in the game PLANEWARS banal simple: "mail", "password" and PLANEWARS registration. And welcome, you are one of the "return" on the renewed Earth. Distant future, actually re-created world, the new laws of existence and survival at every turn - in this reality game immerses you PLANEWARS online.

So PLANEWARS completed registration and software interface in front of you. Acquainted with the game, of course, starting with the character selection - floor (here everything is clear) and fraction (Empire or anarchists). First - disciplined usurpers second - free and ideological wanderers seeking to revitalize their planet by settling and mixing races. By the way, PLANEWARS online game, which is still under development and soon we promise to treat the creation of new races. In the meantime, well pump his character, you can also join the faction pirates.

Started playing the game online PLANEWARS, in order for your character enters a spacecraft equipped with a machine gun unpretentious. Next, in the process of accumulating experience and money, you can strengthen your spaceship a variety of modules and equipment, as well as add weapons capacity (10 to choose from weapons).

The meaning of the game goals is to win the monsters and enemies, thereby accumulating points of military glory and Quilpie (money). Can earn in other ways, for example, extracting resources or cleaning bilges of ships of their opponents. In the process of leveling your character, the gamer has the opportunity to observe how the surrounding worlds evolve, mixed race and ecumenical what opportunities because of this.

What kind of legend offers us PLANEWARS game online? It is - once Earth reached such a level of evolution that people have ceased to exist in the physical plane, and reached a new level, not physically. This allowed them to establish contacts with other sentient races and travel parallel worlds through portals that are specially rebuilt portobashnyah. Soon after wandering through the worlds and peaked in the world people actually ceased to exist. However, after a century, enough to travel the other worlds, they wanted to return to their home planet, but it was not so easy ... Abandoned and sad gamer appears to planet Earth. Virtually destroyed civilization, and runs the fraction Cruel Imperials. They are opposed by anarchists freedom.

For fans of space in PLANEWARS RPG play will be a pleasure, because rarely in any browser-based online game so much attention paid to the graphical environment. Excellent study of 3d-models allows you to fully experience the reality of the situation. So play PLANEWARS doubly exciting for those who like to participate in the entertainment arcades in all respects. Here at the fights and entertainment basic rate. Warring factions fighting for their ships away from the ground, in the stratospheric space or in space. And all this is accompanied by appropriate scenery.

The development team promises that soon play the game online PLANEWARS become even more interesting. Will increase the number of weapons (up to 50) and, as we mentioned, created ten completely different worlds, each of which belongs to a separate race. And all this at a high level 3d-modeling. Well, look forward to the full completion of the space arcade.

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