Pockie Saints

Alternative names: Pockie Saints

Pockie Saints online - a massively multiplayer role-playing game genre fiction, traced in 2D format. The original project by NGames, whereby a possible feel holy. History of the game tells the story of how the gods were created by 12, now control the extraordinary world. From the chaos of the universe once, born about God and Jesus god of chaos Creel. But it soon becomes clear that they can not coexist on the ground because it is simply not fit their enormous strength. Hopeless world began to crumble. Jesus decided to cheat to get rid of an opponent. Once he podpoit Creel holy wine and seized the moment. Jesus attacked Creel did so that he was thrown into the world of mortals. But this victory did not bring the desired effect. On top of the mountain Henan Creel huge tree sprouted and became filled with chaotic forces wracking people. Jesus soon discovered that he is not able to cope with the management of the world and created the 12 gods, and requested that it not an easy task. Each of them had to take responsibility for one part of the year. So there were a constellation called Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. A person born under the sign one way or another, gets certain powers and blessings of the gods. What happened as a result of the events, you can learn, starting Pockie Saints play. Look forward to amazing adventures in a world of incredible and incomprehensible. What fate would you choose for your character, he will definitely be able to influence what is happening around and grow until it reaches the desired heights. Stubbornly follow their own way, have you ever otvoyuete opportunity to rule the world!

Play Pockie Saints can anyone, anyone interested in this product online. System requirements are quite modest to excellent gameplay took place on a computer medium parameters. All that is needed in order to move to the gaming space - it Pockie Saints record. You must fill out a form by writing the following information: passport number, password, Repeat password, email address. Keep in mind that the fact of creating an account, you accept the terms of the agreement.

At the beginning of the game Pockie Saints allows you to select the appropriate class. What is the difference between warrior, mage and assassin? Let's take a look at the features of existing classes. Powerful physique warriors allows them to serve as a protective force. They are always ready to take the line of fire on themselves to comrades at this time could attack the enemy. There are these bold personality of the elite Empire. Assassin's considered the fastest and most dangerous. Their movements are crisp and lightning. Even the most daring enemies feared killers. Representatives of this class are designed to destroy all traitors empire. Magee endowed special magical powers with which can as to destroy enemies and heal comrades. On the battlefield, a great assistant. Each of these classes has its own skill tree, in which they develop. Selecting for a class that you will be going to a predetermined path.

Besides skills of the characters, there are other characteristics that are common to all. This, for example, strength, wisdom, dexterity, skill, perseverance, and other parameters. You should look for an increase in data rate, if you want to be successful in Pockie Saints online. From birth on you will patronize the God under the zodiac sign where you were born. By the way, is to say that with each level you will open up new opportunities, unless you have angered her guardian. So, reaching level 10, will be able to get a medal, with the help of additional attributes are increased. Owner medals close to gaining power of the Lord God.

What else is nice in the gameplay is the fact that Pockie Saints You will play in the company of animals. In the beginning, you will have a pet, and you must bring it to your liking. Pets - good assistants in all your affairs. By the way, do not forget to update them and monitor their level of development.

You can become a saint now! Well, what game still offer something similar? Do not miss the chance to have fun and spend time together saturated with Pockie Saints! Enjoy the gameplay!



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