The skies

Alternative names: Skies

Multiplayer online role-playing game Skies - a brilliant representative of the genre of dark fantasy. You will enjoy entertaining gameplay, quality graphics and reality, built on myths of the ancient East. History of the Middle Kingdom, which are fighting for the rule in the world of the Heavens online, tell us that there was once a single state with a single nation and one heart. But came the dark times - the ruler of Huang Di died, his empire was split into four parts. There are new provinces with the new rulers, and each went his way. That's such a player appears before the world of Feng Yun. Your mission is to it - to achieve recognition in all provinces and become the new great emperor of this amazing country, created between Heaven and Hell.

Well, the goal is ambitious, but who is not trying ... Before you start attempt, it is desirable to review the system requirements for your PC that provides developers. So, for that would play you need Skies

• Operating System Windows 2000/XP / Vista / 7,

• Intel Celeron processor type 1. 0 GGts

• graphics card - MX 400 or ATI 7000E, with support for Direct X,

• 256 MB RAM.

• Direct X version 9. 0c.

Join in the game Skies takes a couple of minutes and is as follows - specify:

• the name of the character

• e-mail address

• Password

• question to check for possible recovery account.

That's all in the Heavens and online registration. By the way, users of the mail service mail. ru waiting for the automatic registration of the Heavens, for the game has only sign.

Game Skies online offers your choice of three character classes:

• Warriors

• Magee

• Fairies

Fairies - the last class - a female and its peculiarity is that becoming a fairy, you do not cmozhete fight for the imperial crown, but this compensation Fairies can become goddesses - the heavens themselves will bless you and will protect .

Warriors - class, for those who like to fight in melee. They have great physical strength, and is used as a weapon or a saber sword.

If the public does not fight for you, then choose the class Mage . In the struggle against the enemies of the methods they use spells and magic.

Weapons used in the game as in classical RPGs, but what is interesting - here it is divided on the degree of uniqueness, namely - to play the game online you can Heavens arms

• usual

• great

• perfect

• perfect

• divine

Each character has a large number of common parameters:

• Health

• Addition

• Force

• Intelligence

• Dexterity

• Protection

In addition, there is also a class specification. Characteristics will be improved with each successfully completed level, or the quests successfully, and you can still buy a magical ammunition. To know better about the features and capabilities of its class, visit the School of learning, where you can also select a subclass, and to master any craft. Skies game in which operates a special bonus system - you personally from them is not much use, but they can always be sold or exchanged.

Play the game online Heavens to be careful - bad karma here can seriously harm. So do not attack the mortals and fight with worthy opponents. Especially that bonuses for that you get more. Also PvP battles (player vs. player), players can enjoy various quests that you will engage the transport of cargo, or search for treasures. Hunting demons - also very popular activity when you play in the Heavens. Well, more pleasant activities - alchemy, wine, etc. So if the fight or manage Empire you do not want, here you always have the opportunity to express themselves in another area.

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