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Poker World is a game dedicated to poker as it is easy to understand from the name. The game has colorful graphics, the game table looks quite cartoonish, but the avatars of opponents are drawn quite realistically. They also took care of the sound design, it is not intrusive, the rivals are well voiced. The game can be played anywhere as it does not require an internet connection.

Traditionally for gambling, before playing at Poker World, specify your age, then enter your name and you can start playing. You will start conquering the world of poker from the United States

During the game you will have

  • Participation in championships in more than 60 cities around the world, on every continent.
  • Over 30 hours of game time to defeat all rivals.
  • Beating the top ten players in the world at Texas Hold'em.

As you can see from the short list above, there is quite a lot to do. The task lies not only in beating all rivals. You will need to purchase luxury cars, real estate, expensive watches, jewelry, designer clothes, yachts and other luxury items in order to gain the reputation necessary to participate in closed tournaments and look respectable enough. Naturally, to buy all this you need to win money. Everything sounds simple, but in fact, you can part with money during the game in case of a loss. But you should not worry about this, you will be allowed to recoup.

You also need to win in order to get sponsors interested in you, since the entry fees for participating in tournaments are expensive, you cannot afford them on your own.

Opponents in the game can be of very different levels and play styles they also have different, just like real people. Ultimately, you have to fight with the strongest players from around the world.

Emotions of opponents in various situations must be carefully observed, this will help determine when opponents are nervous and tell you what cards they have at the moment.

Pretty accurately observed all the terms and rules of poker. The game is perfect for getting acquainted with this popular hobby all over the world. Your opponents are AI, you don't risk losing real money if you lose.

The developers took care and provided you with start-up capital so that you have something to start with. 20000 in chips will help you become a serious player in the very first game, but try not to scatter your chips over your bets. If you are not doing very well, you can get more chips as a daily bonus. You can also earn rewards for watching promotional videos.

You can download

Poker World for free on Android here after clicking on the link on the page.

If you dreamed of getting acquainted with the world of poker, this game is the best option to do it and not lose money while you are learning! You can play anywhere, even without internet! Don't wait, dive into the world of Texas Hold'em right now!

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