Noon 21st century

Alternative names: Noon 21st century

Space online game Midday 21st Century invites you to create and develop their own colony on one of the planets of the solar system, as well as try their hand in the conquest of new territories for the extraction of unique resources. At Noon 21st century online you will build bases, develop infrastructure, search important for your development resources and all this against the background of cosmic-urban landscapes.

Game Midday 21st century online created on the engine, Flash, so the configuration of your computer exhibited some system requirements. So, to play the game online Midday 21st century requires a PC

• Operating System Windows 98/2000/XP or Vistax32/Seven,

• Processor Pentium 3 800 MHz and above,

• 256 MB of RAM,

• 64 MB video card or higher,

• a stable internet connection.

• Adobe Flash-player.

As for browsers, Midday 21st century online game, which is supported by all browsers.

Join in the game Midday 21st century begins with the phrase "enter the Academy", click on it and before you come to fill your field data. Enter

• nickname - the nickname

• address current mailbox

• Password

• code for verification.

To check Midday 21st century has been completed, the user agreement and accept the link to activate your account, it is in the letter that comes to the specified email.

So, your at Noon 21st century online registration confirmed and the thunder of intergalactic wars you get into this exciting cosmic reality. You start to play Midday 21st century the planet Orion, it will be your personal location. Characters here are standard, but you can choose one of three factions:

• colonizers

• traders

• pirates.

The spacecraft also assigned to the standard you just read its parameters.

So, in the near future or you will win and explore new territory, or hold economies or to travel to outer space pirate with evil intentions. Well, so far, the priority task will be equipping your own colony, to "cover up the rear."

The main resource in the galaxy - is energy. You can get it from the power plant, which will have to build. In prison you can also build factories, which will assemble modules for spaceships. Your main task at this stage - build your own fleet, the only way you can safely move around the galaxy, but in case of an attack to give an adequate answer.

Equally important resource - Hydrogen, which fly spaceships. Extract it as important as energy.

Apart from these, there are on the planets resources such as copper, silicon and gold. Any of these resources for you to produce nano-robots will be your loyal aides in all works.

At Noon 21st century play a particularly interesting because it can replenish its fleet not only to build a plant for the production of spaceships. For example, you can still attack the ships, robbing them, taking on board the ship. And for that you do not necessarily have a spaceship and a bunch of chic experience. Here important tactic well and headroom, of course. Also to its fleet can add drifting ships, take them in tow and go to the colony, there nano-robots will have candy.

Biggest threat, especially for a fraction of traders are aliens who are called Trinnitami. This alien pirates, their goal - caravans resources. Notice them coming almost impossible, so the emphasis in the defense against them - is the speed of response. Well and mass - the greater your fleet, the easier to play the game online Midday 21st century for all branches of development.

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