Full Pi

Alternative names: Full P

Full Pi online - is a browser online adventure game created in the style of ironic comic, post-apocalyptic thriller with lots of variety with humor drawn mutants, zombies and monsters.

Plot is this: a world catastrophe after an explosion Hadron Collider forced the survivors fight for their lives in an atmosphere of doomsday. By coincidence, the culprit of what happened is your character, who now travels the changing world, unraveling the tangle of plot puzzles and destroying creepy mutated creatures. Having survived Full Pi, you have to save all mankind.

System requirements are negligible, as this browser game. It can be played from any computer with Internet access, it does not require pre-installation. In order to play the game online Full Pi, you need a free Full Registration Pi.

Join in the game Full Pi goes like this: online games, click "Play", then enter your login (your name in the game), select your gender and the type of character.

Next you need to create, or later can not be logged in with the same login. Click "Register" button, enter your e-mail and password. At this Pi Full registration is completed. Now you can play the game online Full Pi.

The game gives you a choice of three types of male characters and three females, which differ in their characteristics.

  • Power - Muscled advantage and Amazon
  • Stunt Bestia and used in combat trick
  • We have Egghead and clever knowledge to increase the protection

Built game Full Pi online, mainly on the performance of tasks and quest battles against computer monsters or other players. Doing the job, you will receive a reward weapons and useful things. Tasks are performed in strict sequence.

Battles in the game take place in steps, each turn is limited in time. If you do not have time to make a move, you will be placed in random attack and stroke goes to the opponent.

This online game Full P has two types of locations: combat and peace. In combat you will walk locations for assignments, they are full of zombies and mutants, their destruction will increase your level and replenish the arsenal of weapons and supplies. Also there you can find valuable things they can subsequently be used or sold for the manufacture of weapons.

In peacetime locations fights are held, you will come back to buy the necessary things in the fighting or to sell something that you do not need to purchase instructions for making new things and get new jobs.

Full Pi online game features a large variety in the choice of weapons, it is part of a set of clothes for each of the character. Weapons to be bought, you can get killed for a monster, or do it yourself according to instructions. With regard to protection, certain armor protects against certain kinds of damage:

  • Physical
  • Fire
  • Ballistic

Also, for the victory over the enemy, you will be available:

  • "Ukrashaki" , which enhance the ability of the character;
  • Raskhodka Supplementary weapons and armor (attacker, stimulants, grenades, bombs)
  • Fitch abilities (supernormal character appears after the accident), to help you play at Full Pi. They can cause damage to the enemy as well as heal the owner

To help the character, you can choose one of three satellites pets: Raven - more suited to characters protection Vargan - for power characters Kisssa - for dexterous. At senior levels can be in full Pee play tamed new satellites, if there is the necessary resources. All pets with each level increasing in its capabilities, increasing the chances of character and helping him in battle.

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