The Last Battle

Alternative names: Last Combat

Last Battle online - multiplayer role-playing logic game in fantasy style.

Online game Last Battle does not impose specific system requirements, as long as you have an internet connection and a browser.

Join in the game Last Battle asks for a nickname - the name of your character, be careful, because you can not change your nickname. Then you need to enter your and mail, password and specify sex of the character. Last Battle Online registration closes on selecting the desired race and entering the code from the image to make sure that you are not a bot. Do not forget to take the user agreement.

Last Battle online game offers you a choice of two races:

- Noble elfidy

- Brave nekrolandtsy.

At this point in the game of representatives of both races about equally. Matter what race you choose will depend on the interface of the game when you play the game online The Last Battle. Elfidy seek the light and goodness, and nekrolandtsy - to evil destruction. Races vary greatly in appearance, as well as their armor and ammunition. In addition, different sets of clothes are introduced to the characters of different sexes.

Last Battle online game has a very original battle system. Exposing three consecutive chips (stones or skull) of the same color, fighting trade blows. Therefore, the outcome of the battle depends not only on the level of a fighter who is either a magician or a warrior, not only on his armor and weapons, but also from the logical thinking of the player and the skill with which he disposes of the resources available. Therefore recommended that players look at the forum, which is a lively discussion of possible tactics and strategies that can lead to a win in the battle.

Battles are two options:

- Duel. You fight one on one with the character of your level.

- Chaotic battle. This fight served special application, and all who had for one minute wish to participate in the battle, randomly divided into two teams.

If you miss during a fight more than three turns, you will be disqualified. For victory you gain experience and money.

In addition, for the murder of a player character in a fair fight, you can get a medal, enhancing certain characteristics. Well, if not lucky, the medal can buy diamonds.

Your character when you play in the Last Battle, get own estate, in which he can grow herbs for healing potions and potions that increase the power (it will be their own cook with a mortar and pestle). Elixirs can only drink before the fight. The estate can still deliver a special statue at the foot of which you will then find rare elixirs. If such a fuss you are not satisfied, the standard set of elixirs and potions you can buy in a special shop. Besides, in the city you can find a lot of different institutions with different functions needed to successfully play in The Last Battle. This

- Shop

- Buying,

- Smithy

- Tavern

- Bank.

In the store you can buy a lot of things, and armor, but some of these items you will be able to dress only reached a certain level. In addition, the need to repair armor or collect yourself from debris that remain on the battlefield after a defeated opponent.

When you play the online game The Last Battle, then you will have the opportunity to enter the Union as agreements with other players, and quests - quests with lots of clever puzzles and concealing danger to the life of the character.

The maximum level of character development at the moment - the eleventh. The game is in beta testing.

Last Battle Registration will open in front of you a small but exciting in a world in which not only the strength and level, but logic can help to achieve victory!

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