The Masters

Alternative names: The Masters

Lords online - free multiplayer fantasy role-playing game with a unique combat system.

Lords Online game does not apply to games that require a very powerful computer to play, and is accessible from any internet browser. To play in the Lords, you will need:

· Internet connection

· Internet browser Internet Explorer or similar recent modifications [ _1_]

· Flash Rlayer latest version.

At the moment, to improve access to the game client game developed - a special program that will need to install on your computer. On her way out the game creators have promised to report separately.

Join in a game similar to Lords reception in most online games, so do not take much of your time and will not cause much trouble. To begin play in The Masters, you will only need to fill in certain fields:

· Write the desired name,

· To enter the password and repeat it,

· To enter the address of your mailbox

· To choose the gender of your character,

· Agree with the terms of this agreement and read the rules of the game [ _1_]

· Enter the code from the image.

Register Lords you might not need, because for those who want to check how much they like the game it is possible to test the battle.

Lords Online game is a two warring camps:

· World Denei

· Elgot world.

Unable to defeat the enemy generals worlds looking to his aid. You are invited to become one of these commanders by the party for whom you fight.

When you start to play the game Lords Online, you'll notice that this game took the best from all the popular games of this genre. Your army will consist of creatures, each of which hold their tactics in battle, you can buy followers and manage, as well as do not forget that on the correct alignment of forces in the field often depends on victory or defeat.

To play the game online Lords, you have to choose which of the four races will belong to your character:

· Elves

· Gnomes

· Undead

· Demons.

Your character will develop, raising its level during fights. Killing monsters, you'll be rewarded with rare artifacts. Lovers battles with other players, of course, will delight massive battles over control of key resource points, raids into enemy territory, one on one battle.

Game Lords Online has a unique combat system with a visual display of all the fighting techniques and moves of each character. In addition, every fight is recorded and afterwards you can view it from any point, from both his army, and from the enemy's army, seeing for themselves what tactics used by your enemies.

You can increase your army of followers, which consist of four classes:

· Warriors

· Magicians

· Arrow

· Charmers.

Each class has its own way of development, with a set of expertise is the development of skills, new spells become available, and even change the appearance of followers.

In addition, each player will be pleased with the spherical location, which in the game more than a thousand. You can admire the beautiful sunset in the country elves or shudder in horror, looking at his feet in the territory of the demons.

The game has a huge variety of clothing, amulets, artifacts, weapons, spells and potions. By combining them, you can create a unique and truly invincible army.

Well-designed quests will help develop your character, and will also give the opportunity to get a rare and powerful trophies. Number of quests is constantly increasing.

Lords Online registration will open before you a world from which you do not want to come off soon.

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