Prime World

Alternative names: Prime's World

Prime World online - this revolutionary new cross-platform social strategy, which oppose each other two nations: The Doctor and Adorniyskoe kingdom. The competition is for the Prime - the most important resource, possessing stocks which you can change the balance of power ...

To start the game need Registration Prime World. Prime's World online game requires the installation of the game client, which can be downloaded directly from the website.

Installer Size - 17 MB. After downloading, wait until the game will be installed, then you will need to sign in through Facebook or Classmates (if these social networks do not have your account, it is desirable to create). In the window that opens, type in the appropriate fields username and password. Join in on this game Prime World ends. You can play in Prime World. Once logged in, choose the party for whom you play the game and enter the desired name in the appropriate field.

Necessary system requirements:

• Processor: 2GHz - 3GHz

• Memory: 1GB - 2GB

• Hard disk space: 4GB

• Video: GeForce6600 GT (Radeon X1300) 128 MB VRAM or equivalent (25 fps) or GeForce 8800 (Radeon HD 3850) 512 MB VRAM or equivalent (40 fps)

• Operating system: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, or Windows 7

Game Prime World Online sheltered at Race 2

• Doctor

• Adorniytsy

Each race represented 26 characters, which are divided into such roles

• Killer

• Defender

• Assault

• Support

• Unit

Killer - vulnerable in normal combat, is not a large supply of health, but at the right moment can deliver a crushing blow;

Defender - has a large enough supply of health and can wear down the enemy considerably;

Assault - a lot of energy and can withstand a lot of enemy attacks;

Support - this representative may treat a wounded comrade, or take control of the enemy to weaken his attack;

Fighter - he can be near and far, is not a large supply of health, but a strong blow.

Each character has a specific set of talents, which are divided into common and unique.

General talents - are available to all characters

Unique - specifically belong to any one

All talents are color-coded: yellow, green, blue and purple. Color talent affects the strength and usefulness, so talent with yellow color - the easiest, and with purple - the strongest.

Online game Prime World has three groups playing characteristics:

• General

• Attackers

• Protective

Common features include - Rating (defines championship), GK (defines fatigue), Health, Energy, Speed ​​(travel time) and the Health and Energy Regeneration (ability to recover quickly).

To attack features include - Strength, Intelligence, Cunning, Agility, Attack Range Theft and health.

To protective features include - Resistance (reduces physical damage caused by the enemy), Will (reduces magical effect) and protection (reduces physical and magical damage enemy).

In stores that are in the game, you can buy a variety of scrolls, potions, elixirs and signs.

Play the game Prime World online to constantly warring with the other side. For the destruction of enemy warriors, monsters, towers, and especially enemy characters, heroes gain invaluable resource - Prime, which can be spent on getting new talent.

Play Prime World, each player will be in his castle, which in the course of the game need to be upset. Creating a strong economy and building elaborate infrastructure - the key to successful gameplay and gain advantage over other players in the economic development and PvP-battles.

Play online game Prime World will not be bored, there are many interesting features that are impossible to describe in a short review. Prime World online game is very volume, therefore, to see and learn all you need to pass Prime World online registration and become one of the heroes of the game.

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