Dogs of War

Alternative names: Psi Wars

Multiplayer online role-playing game The Dogs of War offers to play in the reality that tomorrow can wait for our planet really is. Division of land because of the wealth of resources - a burning topic at all times, and here in The Dogs of War online will deal with the consequences of this redistribution and mayhem associated with it.

Before gamer - story of the fall of a banana republic Corazon, to its former prosperous and independent, and now - torn mercenaries corporation "Enigma", led by the cruel and ambitious Alfredo Pressnera. Oppose his regime initially nobody could, but eventually organized two pretty powerful groups - Freedom Army (AU) and the League of Mercenaries (LN). Each of these groups willing to lay anti-totalitarian rule Corazon in their hands. Who will succeed? Click "play Dogs of War" and learn.

But first, of course, the system requirements. So, in order to play the game online The Dogs of War, your computer must meet the following requirements:

• Pentium III processor or Athlon 800 MHz

• RAM - 256 MB

• graphics card - 3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory

• Sound card compatible with DirectX

• application DirectX, starting with version 9. 0

• free space on the hard drive 1. 2GB

Browser game Dogs of War Online support any.

Join in the game Dogs of War, as such require little, since most can use automatic logon through accounts in Facebook, Vkontakte, Classmates, services Mail. ru or Google.

If you still belong to that rare group of players who have no such accounts, then use a common form of "registration Dogs of War." You first need to specify an email address, create a password and confirm it, as well as the first stage of registration can subscribe to news. Next, on a new page specify a nickname - the name of the game character, choose his gender, for which faction will play the character - League Mercenaries (coat of arms with the scorpion) or Army of Freedom (arms with five-pointed star). Also, you will be asked 12 female and 13 male avatars for the character depending on the floor, take the user agreement - on this in the Dogs of War Online registration is completed.

Path novice mercenary begins with military training base, here you can work out at the site and perform a few simple missions. After how to master, then follow the instructions and have to develop your character in the desired way.

You will be available to many weapons for the revolution - from knives, pterodactyls and Makarov pistols (with this weapon you start to play Dogs of War), to bazookas and chemical weapons. Of ammunition in the game are bulletproof vests, gas masks, helmets etc, as well as chips, energy and other stuff that will facilitate the fate of your character in this difficult time.

At the beginning of the game have to kill normal mobs (deserters, partisans, Indians, bandits) - this is a good way to earn money and experience first.

By the way, other than money, the game is another important resource - diamonds. For them, you can hire a team of fighters, there are two types of them:

• Forward

• sniper

Second are more expensive, but if you've already killed a couple of deserters, then they can afford.

Psi War online game with turn-based combat system. You will always have time to select a weapon, calculate the trajectory and not spend extra energy to destroy the enemy. After spending plenty of time on the basis of preparation, ready for the journey to the other location of your faction, there waiting for new tasks and, of course, the confrontation with the main enemies - mercenary corporation "Enigma" and the soldiers of the opposing faction.

So if ready to fight for the freedom and the overthrow of the dictatorial regime, then press to play the game online The Dogs of War and joined the ranks of mercenary one of the liberation movements.

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