Quake 4

Alternative names: Quake 4

Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

Video: 64 MB

Disk Space: 3 GB


Quake 4 - computer sheter first-person sci-fi theme, the sequel to one of the most popular virtual shooters. It is noteworthy that the game Quake 4 graphics engine developed by other longevity virtual space game Doom 3. Modified system has some serious advantages. Thus, the Quake 4 became available more extensive locations, thanks to a new lighting system processing, as well as light and dark textures. During a single pass of the game have been added interactive videos, some of which player will be able to participate directly, but most of them will be disabled.




Plot Quake 4, which you can play both single and multiplayer modes, continues the story of the human race confrontation Strogg alien invaders, initiated in the second part of the game. The protagonist of the game, one of the stars of a special unit of paratroopers "Rhinoceros" named Matthew Kane, sent as part of the group for a counterattack on the central planet of the Strogg. Just two weeks elapsed between the final event of the second part of the series and Quake 4. Will have to play mostly in the enemy camp, where you sent the command of the Earth Federation. The main task of the single player campaign in Quake 4 - penetrate into the heart of the central planet and destroy Strogg main communications center, as well as top leadership. Despite the turmoil in the ranks of the enemy, caused by the actions of the first subversive group, the enemy is extremely concentrated and strong and will not be easy to get into the heart of enemy planet where securely nestled central communication node Strogg collective intelligence controlling all troops. The single player campaign is split into three separate chapters, which contain a total of 31 one game level. The first episode of Quake 4, which play on will be asked at the time of landing troops on the planet Earth Strogg where your main task will be to a safe landing, which will need to be promptly destroy all planetary defense systems. In the second episode of the single player campaign game Quake 4 will prompt us to cover the head of tactical squad sent to disembark from the central communication hub of the enemy. Well, the third episode of Quake 4, a game in which we will have in the thick of things to spearhead the Earth Federation Forces, the last large-scale cooking kick, the purpose of which would be the complete destruction of the central administration and the complete withdrawal of the Strogg them every kind of coordination.




Multiplayer battles very reminiscent of the famous battle of the third part of the series, only much more dynamic and colorful. High speed and dynamics of online battles largely achieved through the use of more compact size card size game characters and characteristics of movement. Here, the developers decided not to deviate from the classical model and the model adopted all movements of players from the third part, but without innovation was not done and added an extra step - slip, which at times extended tactical arsenal player.

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