Quantum Break

Alternative names: Quantum Break
Quantum Break pc - one of the most anticipated projects of our time. It is a masterpiece designed by programmers studio Remedy. Previously, you might have heard of this company, as they are engaged in the creation of well-known computer games like Max Payne and Alan Wake. The game creators have promised even more - in parallel with the game on the screens will be released series, the actions of the main characters of which will directly affect the main directions of development of the plot of the game. If you believe all the announcements, the Quantum Break game, which will be able to blur the boundaries between computer games and television projects. Frankly, imagine how it will look the parallel development of the plot of the television series and the game is quite difficult. Moreover - imagine how the TV series will affect the game, it is impossible. However, thanks to this "trick" talking about the project, even those gamers who earlier games of this genre, and not at all addicted to something. We for our part we recommend you to download Quantum Break at the earliest opportunity, as you will be interesting to see how the dramatic elements of the film-plots combined with incredible gameplay features, and how you doing Data. Are we wrong? The Quantum Break will play, opening the mysteries of the most incredible time loops and travel through the centuries and years. As said some gamers, TV shows, represented by "bundled" with the game look is not necessary - it is not critical, but viewing it can tell a lot of interesting ideas about opening a new page in the story of the game. From a presentation prepared for Quantum Break video trailer can understand some of the features of the story: the problem with temporary loops began immediately after the failed experiment. Scientific developments involved three specialists: Jack Joyce, Paul Sirin, Beth Wilder. After the failure of all three of them managed to get supernatural powers, and now the characters can see the future and able to manage time. Do not be surprised if you suddenly notice how time in the game is stopped or the hands on the clock begin to move more slowly than usual. Our Quantum Break review should be noted that in the game, and the television show viewers attention gamers represent different characters. This is done by developers specifically for players to be able to see the events that occur in Riverport, from different points of view. Throughout the gameplay gamers will be able to choose different outcomes of the two games submitted to artificial intelligence. The gameplay will bring you a lot of pleasure, because dynamic gameplay and fascinating story simply can not leave anyone indifferent. Gamers will be able to hide in shelters and personally control the timing. By the way, the developers have even consulted with professionals in the field of quantum physics, making the game presents the most reliable facts.
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