Railway Empire 2

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Railway Empire 2 is the second part of the popular economic strategy dedicated to the railway. The game is available on PC. The graphics have become even better and more realistic. The voice acting is high quality with a good selection of music.

The studio that developed this project has already released one similar game. The developers decided not to stop there and presented the second part, which turned out even better. The graphics have been improved, the game mechanics have become even more realistic, and there are more interesting tasks.

Regardless of whether you played the first part or not, it won’t be difficult to understand the controls. The developers have prepared tips for beginners, and made the interface as intuitive and simple as possible.

In Railway Empire 2 you have a lot to do and difficult times to overcome:

  • Explore the area before starting construction
  • Build the optimal route taking into account the terrain
  • Engage in resource allocation
  • Master new technologies
  • Fight with competing companies
  • Build plants and factories
  • Develop the tourism industry, create attractions
  • Hire workers
  • Compete with other players online or complete tasks together in co-op mode

This is a shortened list of what you will do in Railway Empire 2 PC

The campaign begins in the 1800s, the era of railroads. Playing Railway Empire 2 has become even more interesting since several continents are now available to players.

Difficulty can be adjusted according to individual choice. Before completing the campaign, you must choose a character from six available options. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses, read the description and decide which one is more suitable for your individual playing style.

In Railway Empire 2 you will have the opportunity to build railways with a large number of tracks, this will increase the throughput in the most important sections several times. Railway stations can also now be built larger than in the previous part of the game.

In order to turn a small company into an entire empire, you need to manage resources wisely. Consider all the possibilities and invest where the profit will be greater.

Competitors will do everything in their power to stop the growth of your empire. In addition to honest methods of fighting, you can use industrial espionage or sabotage at the facilities of a competing company.

There is the ability to interact with other players online. You can either compete with each other, or act by working together to solve problems and complete tasks together.

To start the game you need to download and install Railway Empire 2. No Internet connection is required to complete the local campaign, which consists of 12 chapters.

Railway Empire 2 free download, unfortunately, there is no possibility. In order to buy the game, go to the official website of the developers or visit the Steam portal.

Start playing right now to build your transport empire by eliminating all competitors!

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