Alternative names: Rambam

To begin playing the game online Rambov must pass Rambov registration. It consists of several items and only takes a couple minutes

1) to invent a character name.

2) Enter the password.

3) specifies your e-mail.

4) to indicate your gender and date of birth.

5) comply with the rules and laws of the game.

Register Rambov complete! Welcome back!

Online game Rambov no particular patterns of characters. In order to achieve the goal, profession and skills are perfectly combined. You can become a

Skillful craftsman;

Fearless warrior;

Powerful magician;

Lucky researcher;

Treasure hunter;

Venerable merchant.

Masters of the mining and manufacturing resources. They also produce a variety of items and have more than two hundred craft materials.

Soldiers to go through thousands of locations where they will wait for the monsters. They would produce valuable trophies, used in various battles fighting techniques.

Magee will have to study a lot of new spells and powers to master all the elements.

Explorers offers a variety of job quest, exploration in the farthest corners of the game world, as well as search for new mineral resources.

Treasure Seekers to learn about their adventures with mysterious runes, see statues of dragons. In the labyrinth of hidden they will find unique items.

Merchants will have their own shops, will build and lease the home. In addition, traders are buying and selling resources, and hunting trophies.

Rambov online game - it is a unique world of magic and mechanics. This island, lost in the oceans could not fully pass even the greatest and most experienced soldiers.

In many parts of the island have not even gone before. All these valleys with forests, mountains and seashores, deep underground caves, which does not dispel the darkness even the brightest light of the lantern, have not been investigated to the end. Nobody knows how to win bloodthirsty monsters and hideous undead - here you can rely on magic and combat effectiveness.

Play the game online Rambov incredibly exciting. For each task you will receive a reward. With dead animals also fall variety valuable trophies: skins of rare animals, reptiles and disgusting skin feathers. If you are lucky, you are among the important trophies has bony plates engraved with magic runes.

Rambov online is fraught not only danger. If you play carefully Rambov, you will find a lot of buried treasure, full of useful and very rare items.

On the set of deposits mined gems, ore, fragments of crystals, wood, medicinal roots and herbs.

The island has yet to be discovered in the city of underground caves and the deep ocean. If you like to explore and make discoveries, then you will especially enjoy playing in Rambov. After all, the dream of every researcher is Greyford city - many people want to find their way in this mysterious place. According to rumors, Greyford - the only city where the indigenous population still lives.

Rambov online game offers you a wide range of possibilities. You can build your house or rent loved in any city or district. Settling in the house, you can open a shop, where it will be processed and extracted resources to produce a variety of items from them. You can create your own weapons, armor, magic elixirs and decorations. Produced things you can constantly improve. Also, all that you have made in the studio, you can sell in your store or rent it on the market.

If you are not interested in military activities or do not like hard work, you can enjoy performing quests that give itinerant traders. Doing these quests will increase your reputation. The higher the power, the extraordinary properties of items that can be purchased from these merchants.

Join in the game Rambov - a step that will bring you closer to the stunning adventure awaiting in this amazing world. Here you can become the best of the best!

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