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Ranch Simulator is a very advanced ranch simulator. The graphics are incredibly realistic and the game itself, although simplified in some moments, is generally very close to reality.

When you first start playing Ranch Simulator, you will be taken to the advanced character editor. Choose the gender of the main character, then his physique, appearance and clothes. All this is more like creating a hero in some kind of shooter. In farming games, this kind of realism is rare.

The plot is not too unusual, you inherit a dilapidated farm from a relative and go there to inspect your property. The matter is not limited to one inspection, you stay there and try to put the buildings in order and restore this wonderful place.

The house, like all outbuildings, is in a deplorable state. Therefore, at first you will spend the night in a tent.

First of all, you need to resolve the issue of transport, without which it is impossible to deliver the necessary for repairs from the nearby town. In this matter, you are lucky, a disassembled truck is found in the garage. You will find all the parts necessary for its assembly on the territory of your farm.

It is necessary to prepare enough wood and other materials and then proceed to dismantle the old house, which is simply dangerous to live in. It will not be difficult to cope with this, but the construction of a new one will take some time. You will have to manually fix all the beams and other structural elements. For once you finish the work, you can forget about all the inconveniences associated with life in a tent.

Next you will find a difficult path to establish a household:

  • Raise poultry and animals
  • Restore the rest of the buildings on lot
  • Hunt to create a supply of meat
  • Sow the fields

Shops in the nearest town will help you organize all this, where you will find seeds, inventory and other necessary things.

There you can also sell the products produced by the farm.

When you accumulate enough funds, you will be able to upgrade the transport or buy a new one. And it can be either a truck or a tractor, or a family sedan.

The game shows the entire production process in great detail. For example, to harvest a tree, you will need to fell suitable trees and only then cut them into planks. But the number of building materials is shown very conditionally, so that you do not have to carry all this in a small truck for months.

Animal food needs to be regularly brought in by yourself because it does not magically appear on its own, and it is impossible to produce everything yourself.

Easy to play but interesting. Gradually, you will turn a rundown, dilapidated farm into a thriving enterprise. And if you get tired of taking care of the household, just take a gun or fishing rods, go fishing or hunting.

Ranch Simulator download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the Steam platform or on the official website.

Start playing now to learn all the ins and outs of farming!

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