Alternative names: rappelz, game rappelz, rappelz online, rappelz online

Rappelz online - this is a new fantasy game, which created the Korean manufacturer NFLAVOR . For the use of the game no need to pay, as Rappelz Online founded on the principle of « free play » that is, the monthly fee of the game is missing.

To somehow and grata in the game Rappelz Online , it is necessary that meet the following minimum system requirements:

· OS : Windows XP / SP 2 or [_2_ ] Windows Vista

· Processor - AMD / Intel 2GHz

· 512 MB RAM for [ _2_] Windows XP or 1024 MB for Windows Vista [ _2_]

· 128 Mb video card;

· DirectX: 9. 0c.

Here are some possible disadvantages to play without any problems, the creators recommend the following requirements:

· OS: Windows Xp / Vista;

· Processor - Pentium-IV 3. 0GHz or AMD Athlon X2 5000 +;

· Latest generation graphics cards with 256 Mb or higher;

· 1024 Mb RAM

· DirectX: 9. 0c.

Also need to have Internet access.

To start the game, you need to be performed p egistratsiya game Rappelz . To do this, perform the following steps:

· Actually Register Rappelz profile. Here you must enter your e-mail address (which will be the username in the game), password, read and accept the conditions of use of the game,

· Next, you need to download the game client, it can be done directly on the site. To play Rappelz, requires approximately 2. 1 GB of free disk space. After Rappelz game online download, you just need to run the file setup . Exe in the folder where the game has been downloaded. At this Rappelz Online registration ends and we can proceed to the game.

AND gras Rappelz has a high level of graphics. Landscapes and characters drawn in detail, in the minutest detail so much so that some objects can watch for hours and just want to touch. It should be noted the soundtrack of the game. Constantly playing music creates the right atmosphere, more immersing players into the magic world.

Rappelz online game in which there are three unique races

· Virgo;

· Asura;

· Guy.

Guy - it firstborn inhabitants fairy world. They have a deep knowledge of magic, can use it effectively. They also know how to live in harmony with nature and how to use her gifts, without causing harm to her while. Formation of this race as civilization has been long and difficult. Not without the help of Deva and Asura Gaya did become the masters of their land.

Asura - children of God of Destruction. They perfectly know the art of war - their mages have no mercy to enemies and their attacks always find their target. Despite its origins, they were created in order to teach people to defend their land and be able to fight for them.

Virgo - this is the Guardian of Light, children of God of Creation. Feature of this race is that they are masters of healing magic. But this does not mean that they can not fight! Virgo were sent into this world to teach people to love and care for all living things, to protect them. From these people learned how to use magic for healing purposes and go into battle only in response to aggression.

In Rappelz play can be on a large number of locations. You can play in the swamps, deserts, mountains, hills, plains, caves, mines, and many other places. The game also abundance of different buildings - you can find all sorts of ruins, operating buildings, castles. Thus, plenty of open spaces for the battle and everyone can choose the more interesting terrain. Playing, you must always be ready for battle, as the world is teeming with various monsters, animals and other magical creatures.

A distinctive feature of the game is that you can make a helper in the form of an animal. Everyone can find a favorite for everyone. You can take, for example, is being or an animal, such as:

· N Anter y [_19_ ]

· Birds y

· Ork and

· Yeti

· Skeleton and

· Red th elf [_21_ ] and

· Syn his elf [_21_ ] and

· Sirens y

· Wolf and

· Predator and

· Salamanders y

· Daughter storm

· Angel and

· Centaur and

· Cerberus and

· Genie and

· White th Dragon [_21_ ] and

Some pets get easier, some harder, but they all have their own characteristics and can be invaluable in a dangerous world.

AND grata in the online game Rappelz can be 5 official servers. Which one to choose - it's up to the user.

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