Alternative names: Rashka

Raska online - free browser game strategic genre, which shows the real state of affairs in the financial exchange in Russia and worldwide. Unique project developed by Finam, is unique among the Internet's current games. Raska online game will teach you how to survive in a cruel world where success levers are strength, power and money. Registration will give you a ticket Raska into a real school of life. Acquired skills in the game, you can even apply in reality. To start playing Raska, you must make sure that your system meets the following requirements:

1) System Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP

2) CPU Pentium 300 MHz

3) Memory 128 MB

4) Compatible with DirectX graphics adapter

5) Internet connection

Register Raska in the game is as follows:

- Introduced the nickname

- Your e-mail address

- Thought out password

Then click the Register button, then you should download the game client.

After Raska online check is passed, and you were in the game, look around, check out the subtleties of the work on the stock exchange and forward - to defend your position!

You will not only watch, but also become a party to such events as the formation, rise and collapse of influential companies, the political vicissitudes of the global financial crisis. Must learn to manage money efficiently and wisdom to know the stock trading. Keep in mind that sometimes even seemingly minor transaction may depend much. Play Raska, one must work to follow the target. Luck will accompany courageous and tenacious players.

Key Concepts Raska

- Power

- Force

- Money

Power - benefit of smart, strong spirit, who managed to win the authority of the people. Well-designed action persuasion could conquer many. And how is sweet sometimes deserved feeling of power!

Power can break and conquer those who would be weaker than you. Fear forced to bow down before you. Yes, it can help to pave the way to the coveted place in the sun.

Well, what place is occupied by the same money in our lives? Raska online game will provide an opportunity to realize that with money you can not just buy a bus ticket or other even the most expensive essential goods. Money can affect various aspects of our already troubled life. Tidy sum sometimes abruptly change the course of events. Imposing capital that you can put together Raschke, literally can do wonders! Even the power and authority bow before the power of money!

But although the main task of the game - do you aces in economic matters, to play the game online Raska, you will, and doing other important things. Online game Raska includes combat and social component. So you have to follow political events. Demonstrate your strategic thinking, developing a plan that you will achieve such an effect that can make their strokes in the political and economic world view.

To get listed on more weight, organize cartels. Cooperation with other players will only benefit you! Many of the characters with whom you will encounter are well-known personalities in real life, though slightly mutated. I think you are not too surprised, as already know that the game duplicates reality.

Exciting PvP system provides the opportunity to fight with zombies, to organize an attack on the factory, rob Korowai or store. You have a chance to win buildings and even entire territory.

Play the game online Raska will be easier if at the beginning of the dictionary will learn a novice trader, which collects important economic terms used in the game. Then try to pump a little to get the initial bun and then confidently conquer Raska. In the game of 60 levels. Pay attention to both economic and political side. To download the economic level of buying and selling shares. And for leveling the political level need to take part in the vote in the polls and news, make comments, post messages on forums and chat.

Skraste your leisure time with fun gameplay. Enjoy the brilliance of the game's interface and original ideas. Overview believe that things will necessarily fortune and you will smile!

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