Real Race

Alternative names: Real Race

Real Race game - a simulation of high-speed races on the night of the huge city roads. It is a multiplayer browser game from the company Viprojects. Technology unity, realistic 3D graphics, intelligent gameplay details to detail - thanks to all this and other features of Real Race online game can win a wide audience of users of the new generation. Those days when nothing else to do Attractions long gone. Now there is an excellent opportunity to be transported into the virtual space to experience all the emotions that are not available in real life. This game simulates all the great attributes of life steep riders making them available to anyone interested. Look forward to beautiful expensive cars, enticing night road, a lot of fans and opponents are not inferior in skill. And all this smacks of big money and it looks like brewed on crime. Give your heart free! Feel the rush with breakneck speed, not noticing anything around! If all this draws you in everyday life, is to play at Real Race is sure to please you!

You need to download the game Real Race, but this is possible only with the permission of the administration. Because the game is currently at the stage of the PTA. Get what you want the invitation to the game world will help Real Race registration. Fill in the form below, enter the email address, password, player name and date of birth. Then, you must accept the user agreement. After registration in the game Real Race is over, expect a letter. Enjoy an active life of the rider up with your computer, even average configuration. After the system requirements for the game is not too high.

In the metropolitan area you appear in the image of the character, you started at the start. You specify the desired floor, correcting a look, choose a style of dress and even your character traits. Pay enough attention to this point, because in this form and you will go before the other inhabitants of the fashionable city. Start your way to fame from the competition with fans of cars and speed. Remember that the ambitions are not just you! Opponents will do everything possible to win. However, we must believe that making an effort, you will be able to outdo anyone!

At the beginning of the game you do not have access to a wide range of machines. Nothing is a given. Good wheelbarrow has to be earned. To save some money and make a solid purchase, you must perform a variety of tasks, which, incidentally, is no less exciting than the race itself. Your car and personal skills as you progress through the gameplay to pump. It will be easier to do if you go into the strong clan. In addition, there are inter-clan tournaments, players are not available alone. A victory in this tournament brings good rewards. So thoroughly weigh all the "pros" and "cons" to decide which style is better to choose to play Real Race.

There is even the opportunity to go into business. Over time, you can become the owner of the transport company. And it promises huge profits!

Regarding Car parts, tuning fans will be pleasantly surprised. Here there is a stock of many items available for use. For example, turbines, pendants, sliders, LEDs, spoilers, etc. § Do not miss the opportunity to create a wheelbarrow of your dreams!

As already mentioned, play the game Real Race you will be in the city. There is a set of buildings with different functions. So, we list all the important facilities. Dealership intended for the purchase of machinery and parts. Administration is used to record the gang. In the Police Department handle all sorts of complaints. Style Lab in handy if you suddenly want to change the appearance. Shop racing outfit is a great place to go shopping. The bank was established to hold capital. In Auto-bar going for strong drink wishing to discuss the latest news. City dump established for the collection and disposal of items. A racing area - this is the place where the hottest events occur. Many locations, but the map of the city is quite understandable. So do not have to wander.

Join now and make sure that this is the game by which your heart will tremble with excitement! Show everyone what they are capable! Let fortune you smiling!

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