Reborn Horizon

Alternative names: Reborn Horizon

Reborn Horizon online - free multiplayer strategy post-apocalyptic theme. This will take you into a fantasy world after the terrible scale disaster. Here you will edit their own state, whose task is to restore the art technology and applying brute force, as well as stockpiles of weapons to stay afloat. You not only have to fight for survival, fighting multiple opponents, but make every effort to develop your city, get the right resources, regularly train army composition. Thanks 2,5 D chart everything that happens sometimes seems true. Plunged headlong into the seething atmosphere events of the project SlipShift GmbH you will not notice as flying hour after hour. All military actions aimed at to prove that your civilization has the right to exist. And a lot depends on the accompanying search efforts. Be alert at all times, in order to protect their property from sudden attacks of enemies. In a world ruled by anarchy, very hard to hold on, but unless you are scared of difficulties?

Reborn Horizon registration will take you to a virtual space where global warming and tuched Icemen have done irreparable harm. Flooding caused panic boundless world's population. And only one who gathered his strength will challenge the elements and is not afraid to clashes with gangs desperate fellows willing to kill for a trifle, will eventually not only feel comfortable in the new world, but also to extend its authority. Create an account is very simple. Play Reborn Horizon You can already after fill in the appropriate fields the following information: the name of the game, login, password, email address. Incidentally, it is worth noting that the online product pretty affordable. System requirements are not shocked by his sky-high and the gameplay can be held on the average PC settings.

Before Reborn Horizon play, is to understand the very essence of the game. On a city map, you will build and upgrade buildings, and Map of the area makes it possible to view the entire world as a whole and plan an attack on the neighboring camp. There interface more useful features such as the World conversation through which you can communicate with other users, and the information window and speed Ups , which scooped all important statements about upcoming events. Here is available to accelerate construction times or training times.

In Reborn Horizon online You'll have to deal with the following resources: Junk, Stone, Food, Energy and Population. Monitor the status of their number should always, if you develop expensive city. Without the resources of the progress stops. But it's worth noting that more than you need too, should not accumulate a list of good. Otherwise, the excess is wasted, and who also like to be enjoyable?

Let's see what the building should be in your city. Construction plays a significant role, and you just have to pay attention to a variety of objects. Reborn Horizon game involves the construction of such buildings

- Control Center (thanks to this project you are managing your city, collect important information about the state of the army, watching the movement of troops and vehicles);

- Shopping-mail address (to be able to not only fight, but also to engage in trade)

- Radio station (beacon for survivors, through which may come in contact with the outside world);
- Barracks (habitats warriors more barracks, the more units will be able to hire)

- Shack (housing for the population, which is a valuable fund of the city, because the common people - is your work)

- Ramparts (precaution, increase resistance forces)

- Scout Tower (where soldiers carry the watch in order to timely report on the danger of attack)

- Assembly Plant (allows you to expand the territory of possessions)

- Bunker (required for storage resources)

- Shelter (secret building where valuable materials are hiding from enemies).

Well, this issue is clear, and how to deal with the necessary combat units? Reborn Horizon game gives gamers control two levels of technology. Technology I : Scout, mercenary, an angry mob, the Sniper. Technology II : Jeep MG , Bicycle caretaker Dozer Team destruction Artillery Perepretendent. You must learn all these kinds of combat power to use reasonable and practicable. Try to secure the militia was always at hand! The only way possible success on the battlefield.


So, you have much to do in this muddled world. Of course, this is not the entire list of upcoming activities and better self-test pass all exciting. Remember, the future is in your hands! Let realized all our plans, and good luck for a minute does not turn away!

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