Red Alert 3

Alternative names: Red Alert 3
RED ALERT 3 game is a continuation of the legendary series of games. Many experts say the game world that the new part of this project deserves the title of "modern classic." Even despite the fact that the first pieces were created a long time ago, at the moment they still hold the first places among the popular and sought after games. It is worth noting that the majority of gamers from around the world have stated that they like to play the same as in the first and in the last part of the project. The developers have stated that in the new play RED ALERT 3 will have more intense and sensitive than in the previous two parts. In addition, the developers added that the game was created as a serious project for strategists, but, nevertheless, it can be found inherent in this "universe" humor that is cheerful enough, though not quite affordable. According to legend, the Soviet troops, who lost a major battle Allied forces, is not going to give up and surrender. Everything will be the other way around. Under the guidance of Colonel Cherdenko and General Kryukov, Soviet troops want to go back in time using a time machine. It is reported that they are planning to get into the 1926 directly to Albert Einstein. In RED ALERT 3 missions built in such a way that it becomes clear the main goal - the destruction, as well as preventing the development of weapons, which in the future will destroy the forces of the Soviet Union. After returning to the present, military commanders faced with the fact that their state was able to capture a large part of Europe, but remained one of the most powerful enemies - Empire of the Rising Sun - Japan. To start passing will need to download RED ALERT 3. This stage of the encounter any problems should not. After launch, the gamer has to choose one of three parties whose rights he is going to defend. As in the earlier parts of the game will be available to stakeholders such as the USA, USSR and Europe. Apart from the fact that each party to the conflict has RED ALERT 3 different weapons and the kind of action, they also have their own characteristics in the conduct of hostilities. The developers claim that this part of the story may seem to some more interesting than many of the movies that are currently showing on television. Of course, as in the previous parts, along the passage will show different videos that can convey the idea of ​​brighter story. As stated by the majority of players, this game can "absorb" completely, and do not let go for several hours. Thus, they would say that the two missions to go and forget not work - the game will be constantly spinning in my head at the gamer to the moment you pass the last mission. Many experts recommend that before you start a campaign to revise the RED ALERT 3 videos in which you can learn some of the features of this part, as well as learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the military parts of the parties.
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