Regnum Online

Alternative names: Regnum Online

Regnum Online game with a multiplayer mode in the style of fiction. In Regnum Online you join one of the kingdoms. Your task is to bring it to prosperity.

Play Regnum Online you can, if your system meets the following requirements:

Processor: CPU 800 MHz

Video: Video 3 D 128 MB

Memory: 256 MB

Internet: broadband connection.


The official website of Regnum Online registration is very simple. You do not need a lot of effort to fill in the following items:

1) Enter your name. Your name should be entered in Latin letters.

2) Enter your e-mail.

3) Think and write your password.

4) In an email, you will receive a letter. In the letter, you will be electronic links, you need to click on to activate your account.

5) Perform the following requirements, which will also be specified in the letter.

After that, you can safely start the game.

In Regnum Online you can play on the German and French languages. Russian version yet.


Champions of Regnum game with different areas that you are sure to be interested in

1) District for Beginners. Here you learn the basics of the game Regnum Online. You can learn to play the prompts or pump your character on your own.

2) hinterland. It is more severe level. Here you can join your friends to attack opponents.

3) War Zone. If you understand that fully prepared for a brutal game, then this level is for you. It is here that all the teams face in their kingdoms. You have to defend their castles and fortress and attack enemies.


Game Regnum contains such classes:

1) Archers. Can attack from a distance. Up to ten levels you'll Archer, and then become either Huntsman or Ranger.

2) Magee. Magic can be as deadly weapon and final salvation. Up to ten levels you will be the Magician, and then become either Warlock or Sorcerer. Magicians have different offensive spells. They can also heal creatures and encourage them to help in the battle.

3) Warrior. This class is ideal fighting in melee. They have no magic power. C Level 10 warrior becomes one of two ways: or Barbara Knight. During the attack Barbarian does great harm , while Knight is a shield , which protects his attacks [ _6_] opponents.

World Regnum Online is populated by countless beings. Enemy creatures (mobs) can be identified by color, which describes the level of their strength:

1. Grey. These monsters do not give experience or production, and therefore not worth it to attack them.


2. Light green: very easy level. Very little gold and experience make in the game for the fight against these monsters.

3. Green: Easy level. Offer some gold and experience. Should not be purposefully look for them.

4. Blue: normal level.

5. Yellow: a sophisticated level. Fighting them is very difficult for them given the experience and money.

6. Orange: a sophisticated level. Fighting such a monster requires high tactical skills.

7. Red: very difficult level. For them you can get a great experience.

8. Purple is almost impossible to defeat these monsters.


Enter the world of Champions of Regnum, prove that you are able to defend his kingdom!

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