Return of the Obra Dinn

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Return of the Obra Dinn is a very unusual puzzle game. The graphics here are original, it looks very interesting, everything seems to be drawn with a pencil. The sound is good, the music is not annoying.

During the game, you will travel back to 1807 with an important mission. You have to find out what exactly happened to the ship called Obra Dinn during the voyage. The story is very mysterious and mysterious, it will not be easy to figure out what happened.

The ship was one of the best for its time. Built in 1796 in London. Huge, had a displacement of 800 tons and a draft of 18 feet. The team consisted of 51 sailors led by Captain R. Witterel. The ship made its last voyage in 1802. heading east, but never arrived at their destination at the Cape of Good Hope. After a long five years, Obra Dinn arrived in Falmouth port with torn sails and no crew on board.

Together with the investigator of the East India Company, go to the place of arrival to assess the extent of the damage, and try to find out what fate befell the ship's crew.

When you arrive at the place, you will have something to do, but before that you need to do a little training.

  • Explore the ship for clues on the case
  • Examine the discovered documents and log book
  • Restore event chain

An incredible first-person adventure awaits you. Find out what is behind the mysterious incident.

The game is based on guesswork, logic and deduction. Proceed step by step by restoring the events from the moment the ship left the port. It is important to act consistently each new episode will push to the next.

Insignificant details do not happen during such an intricate business. Even the greatest detectives in history would be too tough for this riddle.

If you're stuck and can't move forward with your investigation, come back, you must have missed important information.

There is no rush here, think as much as you like about the facts, sooner or later you will find out what happened.

Music in the game is selected in such a way as not to interfere with mental activity and not to annoy. At the same time creating an indescribable atmosphere of mystery.

The image is stylized as a pencil drawing on old parchment. This decision looks very unusual and makes the game truly unique. There is absolutely no feeling that this is not a new project in front of you. Playing Return of the Obra Dinn is still interesting. Very unusual execution and style go well with the opportunity to investigate one of the most mysterious incidents in the history of shipping.

Return of the Obra Dinn download for free on PC, unfortunately, there is no possibility. You can buy the game on the Steam site or on the developer's website. Several years have passed since the release of the game, and the price at which it is currently available is quite symbolic.

Start playing right now and help restore the truth in a story full of mysticism and mysterious events!

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