RF Online

Alternative names: Rising Force Online, RF Online

Science fiction adventure and romance in one online game, want to be in this reality? Then welcome to the world RF online , where you unforgettable adventure, unusual characters and a unique scheme of pumping, as well as stunning graphics and fantastic (in all senses) atmosphere. Online game Rising Force was created to conquer their entertainment, aesthetics and dynamics, it, however, with the success and makes on the Internet.

It is only natural that such a spectacular game has its own set of system requirements, so before you play the game RF online , make sure that your computer meets them. Thus, the operating system - Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, Pentium or Athlon processor with a frequency of 1. 5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 4. 5 GB of free space on the hard drive, the Radeon 9600 SE or FX5200, stable high-speed Internet connection. Also need to install or upgrade Direct X (9 desirable. 0s).

Next, let's talk about how I check in the game RF online . She's a little more difficult because, on the site of the game can not create an account. To do this you need to go to the games server community, which includes game RFonlayn. On the server how to create your account (and including registration RF online ) takes you from the power of a minute, because it requires only enter the address of the current mailbox and a verification code. In addition, Rising Force Online registration is available to users' Facebook's "only need to confirm their intentions and sign.

The next next stage - the preservation and installation of the game client (a special program to run the game on your computer), without which play the game online Rising Force you can not. After a successful installation, you need to select the server on which to create your character. Servers in the game eight (azurite Bekar, Catan, Asu, Anomie, Falgon, Trian, Novus) on each race dominates or Accretia or race Cora. In addition to these two races in the game is still present race Bellato, ie in total in the game, there are three races.

First race - Bark. Its members - it's almost that people who are endowed with some magical powers, for example, can cause the spirits to the afterlife. These spirits aminusami name, they have a destructive force and, in fact, are the main weapon of reproaches. The second race Accretia - a race of beings neyromehanicheskih (robots, vehicles), which formed their Akretianskuyu Military Empire. These robots - rational and inanimate beings, they are armed with missile launchers that send wherever orders them to command. And the third race - Bellatto, robotic race of sorcerers. They created their Federation and pursue a policy of expansion in all directions. They are cruel and bloodthirsty colonialists, the main force which are legions of armored robopehoty - their name MAU. Taking into account the characteristics of the chosen server, decide which race and also choose to join the class and specialization, with which you play Rising Force online. It is worth noting here that you provided a great opportunity to personalize your character, changing all its external parameters.

For a beginner it all starts with education and dedication to the basic nuances of the game, and then you go do quests and fight monsters. On them you can to practice your skills and earn significant bonuses for leveling. Well, then, at higher levels, you can enjoy spectacular and large-scale battles for the new territories. RF online game in which there are two combat system - player versus player, and kingdom against kingdom (PVP / RVR). The main objective of battles - to get to the chip, which will provide you with security and the ability to set rigs to earn enough resources.

Finally, we note that in the Rising Force online play at first may seem boring, but trust me - this is just the calm before the storm, and what a "storm" - a large-scale, fantastic and incredibly spectacular.

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