Alternative names: Rift

New scale and no less interesting online game RIFT dip into the atmosphere exciting world of Telara. Feel like a warrior and fight on the side of a proud faction Guardians (Dwarves, Elves and Matoshiytsev) or technologically advanced faction Renegades (Bahmi, Eth and Kelari).

RIFT online game will take a fascinating and magical world filled with fairy tale characters.

To play online game RIFT, your computer must meet the minimum system requirements, namely:

• Operating System Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

• dual-core Intel ® Pentium ® E2180 (2. 0GHz)

• 2 GB of RAM

• 15 GB of free space

• graphics card Nvidia GeForce FX 5900, ATI / AMD Radeon X300, Intel GMA X4500 or better

• broadband internet connection

• Direct X latest version

Join in the game RIFT take little time.

Need to enter the username - your account name, address valid e-mail password and answer the security question from automatic registration, accept the user agreement and review the system requirements. At this RIFT online registration is completed.

Since RIFT online - a game with a monthly fee for full access offers several options for input, but if you play for the first time, you can get 7 days free trial access to certain restrictions.

After successful registration, you have to download the game client. To do this, click "Play" (top right), select the Boot tab of the client. In the window that the client can be downloaded directly from the website or by using the torrent. You can play the game RIFT online immediately after you download and install the game client on your computer (all this, at first glance, a complicated procedure should take you a few minutes), and RIFT online game will capture your imagination and give unforgettable experiences.

Fantasy game RIFT online possess extraordinary superiority over other games of similar subjects, namely, a large variety of characters. To play RIFT, create your own character class, using a unique system of choice shower.

Online game RIFT has four class or vocation, namely:

• Warrior

• Cleric

• Rogue

• Mag

If you choose Warrior, you'll get the opportunity to create the soul, with the seven proposed by

• Winner

• Corruptor

• Paladin

• Warlord

• Master blades

• Elemental Warrior

• Knight of the abyss

• Beastmaster

If you closer Cleric calling, you can create the following characters:

• Purifier

• Inquisitor

• Sentinel

• Actor

• Shaman

• Caretaker

• Druid

• Kabbalist

Calling Rogue also will be no exception, before you open the opportunity to try yourself as a

• Night Blade

• Pathfinder

• Virtuoso

• Assassin

• Stalker

• Arrow

• Saboteur

• Bard

Equally interesting would be calling the Magician, and give a really unusual experience:

• Elementarista

• Warlock

• Pyromancer

• Conjurer storms

• Archon

• Necromancer

• oppressor

• Chloromancer

All characters, in turn, have a number of unique abilities that will help win.

Life in the world of Telara will be unique, pass in its own way - there are no restrictions. In RIFT begin play in the biggest continent with vast deserts of Telara with fabulous oases, mountain ranges, lush and magical forests, rocky hills covered with wild vegetation and pasture immense savannas. Your goal - to protect the world Talara studying faults, which penetrate through the destructive forces - gods of the Blood Storm expel and prevent the return of ill-Regulos. Stop at any cost - this is your motto.

Play online game RIFT extremely simple and at the same time exciting. Experience the beauty of the fairy world of Telara, and fight for a world that opens before you check RIFT.

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