Rise of Civilizations

Alternative names: Dawn of Civilizations

Rise of Civilizations - military strategy from dark times to the feudal era. You have to go the way of development of the city from a small settlement right up to the capital of a mighty state! On the contrary, game developers are responsive to any suggestions of players to improve the gameplay, and this is already a clear indicator of quality! The installation file of the game is rather small, only 42 mb. When you first enter you need to install additional content (this is about 100 MB), which is quite acceptable for such graphics. When you first start, you will automatically be sent to the newest server, which will allow you to comfortably start the game, and then it started!

The game Rise of Civilizations (Dawn of Civilizations) is primarily a military strategy, so that farmers do not have a place here, and for the best result, the game takes your time. In general, like everything else in our lives. And I want to immediately note that the game is worthy of it (time). Yes, you have already played like this and yes, you have already seen it somewhere. But, here you can survive without Donat, which is unrealistic in such strategies! A clear balance of the game between purchased items and mined. All that you can buy, you can get, so if you do not like to spend money on games, then this is your option.

What you need to do in the game:

  • build - town hall, walls and towers, barracks, barracks, stables, hospitals, farms, quarries, gold mines and much more;
  • hire - archers, cavalry, catapults, infantry (troops improve with every new century in the development of the warband);
  • study - a giant branch of the development of science, both individual and clan (we study ourselves and in a team);
  • get - wood, food, gold, stone and rubies; you can mine in the castle, and you can outside it;
  • Combat - for the territory, for resources, for holy places, for passes to other lands, for the forgotten temple and of course for the alliance;
  • Plan - upcoming battles and captures of enemy territories, building alliance flags, learning technologies and building a castle.
  • Germany - cavalry attack increases by 5%, troop training speed increases by 5%, recovery of action points increases by 5%, a unique unit the Teutonic knight.
  • Britania - the attack of the shooters is increased by 5%, the rate of wood gathering is increased by 10%, the capacity of the garrison of the alliance is increased by 5%, the unique Archer unit with long bow
  • France - troop health increases by 2%, stone gathering speed increases by 10%, hospital healing speed increases by 10%, a unique ax thrower unit.
  • Spain - cavalry defense increases by 5%, gold gathering speed increases by 10%, troop capacity increases by 10%, the unique Conquistador unit.
  • Japan - the attack of the troops increases by 2%, the speed of the scouts on the march increases by 30%, the capacity of the training of the troops increases by 5%, the unique Samurai unit.
  • Korea - shooter protection increases by 5%, hospital capacity increases by 10%, research speed increases by 2%, a unique unit of Hwaran.

So each of these races has unique heroes who will command your troops and fight for you. Heroes can be pumped, they can improve skills and talents, from a certain level, the army can include several generals, which significantly improves the military power of the army.

Game Dawn of Civilizations is a vivid example of how to make strategies. Yes, much is taken from other similar games, but only the best is taken, and everything else is being improved and improved. A team of active developers makes the project, both for themselves and not benefit for the sake of.

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