Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

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Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire medieval real time strategy for mobile devices. The game was released a long time ago, but has been developing all this time receiving updates. Because the graphics here are at the level of the best modern games. The voice acting is done professionally, the music is well chosen.

Managing the game will not be difficult for those who are already familiar with RTS strategies. For beginners, a clear tutorial is provided where you will be prompted what to do.

Tasks are typical for this genre of games. You will build your own empire.

How big and successful the kingdom will be depends only on your talents as a leader and commander.

Starting with a small village and a few warriors, there's a lot to do:

  • Provide the settlement with building materials, find stone and wood nearby
  • Supply food by clearing and planting the fields
  • Research new technologies to create better tools and weapons
  • Create a strong army and expand your holdings
  • Use diplomacy to find allies among other players

Numerous battles for territory and cities, various interesting quests and collective campaigns are waiting for you.

As soon as you establish defenses and provide everything necessary for the settlement, start looking for a suitable alliance or create your own. Most of the tasks and quests are designed for a collective game. Whether you like it or not, you will have to make friends and overcome all difficulties together with them. It is possible to invite people you know to the game and play together.

You have to fight a lot in the game. Fight for the championship with any of the players around the world. Participate in alliance wars or fight with the inhabitants of other servers.

Victory is easier with numerical superiority. If your opponent is too strong, ask other players to support you, this will give you a numerical advantage.

The winner is not always the owner of the largest army. To succeed, you need to choose the right ratio of different types of troops and the location of units on the battlefield.

You need to have in your army:

  1. Archers
  2. Spearmen
  3. Cavalry

And even fighting dragons capable of making the enemy flee from the battlefield with their one cry.

The game is updated frequently, the seasons change and new content appears.

During the holidays, you can win unique prizes in themed events and quests.

The in-game store will allow you to buy the missing resources, valuable items and decorations. Make purchases using in-game currency or real money. The assortment is regularly updated and there are often discounts. By spending some money in the store, you will support the developers and give them the opportunity to earn some money.

People of all ages will enjoy playing Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire, everyone will find interesting tasks for themselves.

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire free download on Android you can follow the link on this page.

Start playing right now to create the strongest army and conquer the kingdom!

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