Rise of Heroes

Alternative names: Rise of Heroes

Rise of Heroes online game - free browser based strategy genre fiction model free to play. This stunning world which intertwine oriental culture and stimpankovskie technology. There is a place, as scientific discoveries and magic. This original combination is the highlight of the project of Gd-team. Developers have created unprecedented beauty virtual universe where the story does not develop the classic scenario, but in a completely different way. If you are curious to see what happened with the fact that the events in the ancient Near East turned the other way, you are welcome to join the inhabitants of the new world. Started playing Rise of Heroes, you can make a contribution to the development and prosperity of the State's own example to watch all modifications that occur over time.

Join in the game Rise of Heroes opens the door to a life of the most memorable adventures. To be able to bind an account on any of the social networks you are interested, you must visit the game's official website, e-mail address to inform and wait letters password. That's the whole Rise of Heroes profile! You are now a full-fledged user, who is also always and everywhere to be aware of because of existing newsletters. As for the system requirements for the game, then they do not become a barrier between you and so addicting fun. Because the game is designed to attract people, not repel them. Therefore, the system requirements are not too high. The main thing is that the computer is connected to the internet and had a normal browser.

Let's see, what to do in order to initially inconspicuous ownership expanded and turned into a mighty power. So, the game Rise of Heroes requires you to the following:

- Seizure of foreign territories;

- Building on their own plot;

- Improvement of industrial technology;

- Selection of heroes (the governor and assistants);

- Taking care of service with the Army;

- The accumulation of wealth.

The game's plot is based on PvR-battles, so you have a lot of fight. Potential rivals are the other players. But among them can also find good allies. Fighting for territory, you should be aware that every victory is a plus for personal state. After all, every square of land captured, it is not simply an extension of the borders, but also substantial rewards. There are also clashes with the NPC. Sometimes they can cause great harm. You need to learn to cope with these characters.

Remember that much of the Rise of Heroes online depends on the heroes that are hiring the service. With their help, you will explore the global map of the world, to find treasures, as well as to groups of soldiers on the hated enemies. The game has a lot of classes and specializations heroes. Each have their own characteristics, capacity, and hence the function. Try to make sure that you served the heroes of different categories - so you will ensure the success of any planned operations!

Rise of Heroes you'll play using the in-game store. In its assortment sorts of things. This boosts for production, and scientific advances for the development of the state, and equipment for the characters, and so etc. As for the weapons available, it is divided on such species as usual, improved and legendary. Arsenal consists of armor, shields, bracers, swords, axes and other goodness.

Play game Rise of Heroes - it means gradually use prospects inherent in the project. The longer the game, the wider the range of your possibilities. You will certainly be able to create a grand empire, which glorified his power! Suppose you do not scare small difficulties, you will be able to cope with any problems. The main thing - to make a little effort! Good luck! Let embodied everything planned!

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