Gods of war

Alternative names: Rise of Mythos

Gods of War game (Rise of Mythos) in an atmosphere of fantasy.

Young browser game gods of war built the original way, including component and multi- card strategy. Since developers have relied on the fantasy atmosphere, get a nice product with a fascinating story.

Events unfold against the backdrop of the city, which must be protected. But the war is not a single interesting fun. In her many opportunities to display their talents strategist, economist and gambler. Pull successful card can anyone but to collect an entire deck of cards given strong only the most successful players. To create a picture of how to be Gods of War game, several major items:

Mnogoe depends on the player, as it will combine the card heroes and take a step, but there is always a"case", who likes to get involved in the planned course of events.

  • Osnovnaya goal to collect – full kolodu
  • Podobrat unique combination of cards of creatures and phenomena, and zaklinaniy
  • Sovershat buying auction dome
  • Nayti own strategy and develop ee
  • Prisoedinyatsya to gildiyam
  • Uchastvovat in PVE-priklyucheniyah
  • Obustraivat city, erecting the necessary sooruzheniya


Thanks to this"joker"sometimes rookie to win a landslide victory over the disposition of an ace and seasoned strategist.



Card heroes.

Gods of War registration will take to get acquainted with the rules and events. Pointing out the current e- mail address, wait for the response letter with a password. It can then be easily changed to your own. There is also an option through the entrance Classmates, VKontakte, Facebook and email. RU.

Now you are the rightful occupant of the legend, in which a plurality of characters who come from different stories. Next to the elves, orcs and unicorns can be seen Egyptian and even the Scandinavian gods. With them you will visit the fascinating quest that gradually become more complex and diverse.

These characters, as well as natural phenomena pictures – card, which then come to life, turning into a three-dimensional soldiers on the battlefield. Then there are archers, horsemen and foot soldiers, as well as menacing wolves, bats, soulless undead. Soldiers armed with maces, swords, spears, crossbows, magic scepter. Some enhance the action of others, and therefore it is important to combine them.

V iPlayer War Gods card is present 7 groups and 4 character classes that control the elements, use brute force in the contact battle, heal or shoot a bow.



to fight, so fight.

the upcoming battle finished well for you, you need a strong team. As you progress through the missions, you can expand the deck of the new assistants, and they can get not only in battle with the enemy, but doing quests. If you want to get very valuable card, then you should visit the auction house, which brings together the most unique items.

Each victory increases the scale of your skills and strengthens personal talents. To help his assistants to achieve the desired level, pick trophies after the battle. Another way is equipping the city in which to build a tower and seaport, to build the company for the production of goods, to develop useful resources. For example, the need to forge iron, which provides soldiers weapons and mail.

Train with other players on special arenas, speaking in pairs (two by two) or single battles (one on one). The action will be colorful and showy, as against a background of spectacular scenery and excellent sound effects.

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