Alternative names: Romadoria, Romadoria, Romadoriya, Romadoria online

Ramadoria online - is a free online browser game, developed by German company Looki . The company has extensive experience in creating strategies that have repeatedly been proven by previous projects because online game Ramadoria is the clear favorite for the title of best free browser strategy!

O nlayn game Romadoriya will turn back the clock and give the opportunity to enjoy the majestic times of ancient empires, allow yourself "from and to" build a personal empire, commensurate with legendary Roman and feel in the role of the emperor.

System requirements for the game are not very high, so to play the game online Ramadoria can be without difficulty. Thus, the minimum system requirements are as follows:

· Windows 98 / XP / IU / Vista x32/Seven

· Processor : Intel Pentium III 800 MHz

· 256MB RAM [ _13_]

· 64 MB video card

Also need to have Internet access and a browser

Join in the game Ramadoria is a very simple and understandable. Since Ramadoria online game browser- there is no need to download and install the game on your computer. To start the game, you need to go to the official website of the game and selecting the Register Ramadoria fill in a small form, in which you must specify:

· Login - the name that will be provided to the user in the game

· E-mail [_13_ ]

· Password

Also need to read and agree to the terms of use of the game. At this Ramadoria registered ends, then automatically starts the game.

In the beginning, all the actions that must be completed are highlighted with green arrows and accompanied by various tips. Each player is given a plot of land where you want to start to create an empire with the help of his assistant Guy. Simple tasks explain the basic principles of the game, and the player is already beginning to develop urban structure.

Performed at a high level in the game market relations. All in the game has the following resources:

· Denard - is silver coins that serve for many different monetary transactions

· Resource - is gold coins used to hire spies

· Provisions - required to provide troops [ _2_]

· Ammunition - used for arming the armies [ _2_]

· Wine - an incentive that makes working Run Faster

AND gras Ramadoria online begins with a mission in which you want to build Roman Forum - the main building in the game. After that there is the opportunity to build market tavern, houses, various military installations. Importantly, all the buildings except the forum can be built once. Through this play Ramadoria becomes much more interesting, because you can build big cities and gain huge army.

Go to the construction, development and protection of the city takes a lot of time and resources. Therefore grata in online game Ramadoria can use two basic strategies.

In the first case in the construction process is necessary to use wine to adjust the workers and reduce the time of construction of buildings. Or you can spend more time and become familiar with the principles and rules of the market and a deeper understanding of the possibilities of urban buildings. At the beginning of the game both ways are acceptable, since newcomers have immunity that protects new players from attacking players who have already reached a high level of development.

In the game there are a lot of different types of troops (about 30). But not all of them will be immediately available to the player, to start subordinate users will only soldiers. But the achievement of a certain level of development, with the accumulation of resources and after the construction of the necessary military facilities will be able to use the remaining soldiers.

In Ramadoria play is possible, using three main tactics:

· Defense of the city

· Siege

· Battle Field

Naturally for each tactic is necessary to use various kinds of troops, which is best suited for them. Thus, creating an army need to think about what kind of battles will take place and do not forget about the defense, otherwise even the most elite and powerful troops intended for attacks will simply dissolved in defense.

Is also worth noting the high level of graphics in the game, which is clearly one of the best browser-based games.

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