Alternative names: Rome War

RomeWar online - multiplayer online role-playing game, created in the style of the formation of the Roman Empire, with the appropriate surroundings and customs. The game contains both diverse battles and strategy elements, as online game romewar different variety of options in the choice of tactics and strategy.

In romewar can play absolutely free online game romewar requires only internet access available and installed on your computer browser (Internet Explorer (version 6 or 7) or Mozilla Firefox, or Opera).

To start the game requires registration in the game romewar.

Romewar Registration is as follows: on the main page of the game, you need to specify the name (under it you will know the other players in the game), your password, your E-mail, also specify your gender, race, select (or Roman Gaul ) enter control characters and click "Sign Up". All, romewar registration is complete, you can start the game.

As already mentioned, to play the game online romewar you'll be on the side of Rome and Gaul. The Romans are more advanced technology, they are able to grow a variety of agricultural products, to extract precious metals. The Gauls are inclined to magic of nature, they are able to tame wild animals, they are excellent hunters and healers.

In order to play the game online romewar here there are 23 locations: the city of the Roman Empire, the city of Gaul, and other neutral ground. Started playing romewar, you find yourself in a city or town Lemonum Tarentum, depending on the choice of race. It is desirable to immediately find yourself a mentor of the number of players, which helps you to get in the game.

Purchasing necessary items (weapons and armor) on the market, you will go to the barracks to get initial experience in battles and grow in levels. In the lower levels, you can gradually increase the number of pence in the wallet by fishing, or working as a mercenary.

Separately, it should be said about the art of warfare. Moves here alternate. Before you strike, you need to move the power available to move the cell towards the enemy, if you are away from the enemy, you will automatically get hit in the back. When the enemy will be within striking distance, you need to put the image on its tick (where you want to hit). If you want to put the blocks, put a tick in the image of his character. Can be hit or put blocks with two hands.

Another feature of the game: in battle, you can remove any item and wear. When you shoot it, the course is not lost, and if the dresses, this counts as progress.

For each race there are four options for character dispositions that determine the path of its development. For the Romans it - the principle gastat, Triarius and Saleh, for the Gauls - Arverne, Helvetia, Belgo and druid. Each of them has its advantages (melee or ranged attack, a defensive strategy or magic), affects the character's combat effectiveness and shapes his personality. Also, each of the paths of development, will give you the opportunity to explore different professions: shipbuilder, blacksmith, miner, lumberjack, winemaker, attendant, priest or farmer.

The main goal of the game - it is an economic and military development, as your character, and the empire as a whole. Development is achieved by different means: from the construction and improvements to the looting and attacks on neighbors. The game is designed so that you can to earn money for the development (for example, to extract resources in the mines), and can be rented for a fee of workers to perform certain works. You can join the Legion, under the command of a more experienced player, or create your own, pre-earning experience, reputation, and of course money, because you need to pay something as legionaries.

So, romewar online game in which you can

- Heroes fight against computer or other players;

- Improve the economy peacefully, mining resources, building buildings;

- Create your army, attack, loot and capture slaves, or to arrange protective groups that protect civilians.

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