Royal Envoy 2

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Royal Envoy 2 farm with elements of military strategy and urban planning. Graphics in the classic style of games of the nineties, this game does not lose at all and does not become less interesting. The voice acting is well done, the music is pleasant.

The game is not just about building a farm or improving a settlement. Your tasks are much wider. The whole kingdom requires care. Many people are dissatisfied with their lives and, on behalf of the king, you will have to take care of all the provinces, cities and villages in turn in order to put things in order and establish the work of all state systems.

  • Find out the needs and challenges of each community
  • Make sure that the fields are not empty and that the animals on the farms are properly cared for
  • Set up the production of all the items needed in the kingdom
  • Create trade links between the settlements of the country
  • Build roads and transport links
  • Make sure taxation is fair

The game is not just called the Name of the King, you really will have a lot of royal worries.

You will have many trips around the country, during each of which it is necessary to establish life in the area where the will of the monarch directed you.

Tasks can be very different, from growing vegetables to training an army or building factories.

Although you are in the service of the king, you must please all the inhabitants of the country. A happy population almost always means that the ruler is also happy. Find out who needs help and find a solution that will fix everything.

To achieve the goals, technology is needed. Develop science, it will help to spend less energy on tasks.

Requests can vary greatly, not necessarily about survival, sometimes people do not have enough comfort for a normal life.

The game implements the change of time of day and the cyclical nature of the seasons. This can create additional complexity and make tasks more time-consuming. In winter, crops grow very poorly and a lot of wood is used to heat the premises, and this has a direct impact on the game. Construction is also best done in the summer.

Each new level makes the tasks more difficult, but you will also have more experience.

Make your kingdom the best in the world. Build the best roads and take care of happiness for the population.

You won't get tired of playing Royal Envoy 2, because in each new place you start anew and each time you will have completely different goals in front of you. Thanks to this, a constant interest in the game is maintained.

In this case, you can't say that the graphics here are top-level, but you just forget about it during the game. There is a good plot and very interesting tasks.

I can't even believe that this is a completely free game for which the developers do not ask for money.

You can download

Royal Envoy 2 for free on PC by clicking on the link on the page.

Everyone knows the tales of greedy and evil monarchs, help the king in this game to become the ideal ruler for his people, start playing right now!

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