Royal Farm

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Royal Farm is a beautiful farm for Android mobile devices. The graphics are cartoon-like, bright and detailed. Animals and characters are voiced believably, the music is cheerful.

In this game, you can become the protagonist of the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood and the insidious Wolf, familiar to every child since childhood. Stories in the game are not limited to this fairy tale.

You will meet here:

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Cinderella
  • Gingerbread man
  • Rapunzel
  • Esmeralda

And many other characters that everyone will be happy to see.

Meet the heroes of childhood fairy tales. These acquaintances will benefit the farm you have to manage. Fulfill the orders of the inhabitants of the magical world and earn in-game currency.

In order to please every customer, the farm needs to be developed.

  1. Expand your fields
  2. Get new animals
  3. Build workshops and complete the house
  4. Create a beautiful and cozy city in which each of the fairy-tale characters will feel at home

Before developing the farm and arranging the town, you need to learn how to interact with the game interface. Complete several tutorial missions prepared by the developers for beginners. After training, you can start playing Royal Farm.

Try to constantly develop the farm, but don't overdo it. If things aren't going too well, it might be worth waiting and building up resources.

Explore the area around, you can find a lot of useful things while traveling around. Not every nook and cranny can be easily approached. The path is often blocked by thickets of vegetation, stones and fallen trees. Clearing the road takes a lot of strength and energy to replenish which will require a break. While you wait, there will be time to take care of the animals and cultivate the fields on the farm.

Mini games and puzzles diversify the gameplay and provide an opportunity to temporarily distract yourself with another activity.

Farming requires regular care. Do not miss days in the game and get daily and weekly login rewards.

On the days of seasonal holidays, the developers will delight players with thematic contests with prizes that you won’t be able to get at other times, including unique decor items, building materials and other useful items.

In order not to miss the opportunity to take part in festive events, check regularly for updates to the game.

Look in the in-game store, the assortment is updated daily. Sales are often held thanks to which you will have the opportunity to purchase the necessary items or resources for game currency or real money. It is not necessary to spend money, this allows you to speed up the development of the farm, but even without investments, you will reach this level just a little later.

You can download

Royal Farm for free on Android using the link on this page.

Start playing right now to be transported to the world of fairy tales and become the owner of a profitable farm in it!

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