Royal Quest

Alternative names: Royal Quest

If fans «World of Warcraft» and «Lineage 2" ample opportunities again and again to experience their emotions at the next game or less successful clones of these epochal toys, the best-selling Korean fans «Ragnarok», unfortunately almost never had the chance. Until today.

Good news for all ragnarokovtsev was the release of the game Royal Quest online, developed by a group of Kaliningrad «Katauri Interactive». RPG online multiplayer browser game Royal Quest invites us into the reality of the world Buff, who is facing collapse and the enslavement of black alchemists. They tend to get very rare and powerful crystal Elenium with unique properties. And King Aura, exhaustion constant sieges aggressors urges all concerned to help himself and his kingdom. Are you ready to fight? Then welcome!

To begin playing the game online Royal Quest, first read the system requirements of developers, say at once, they are high enough.
• Operating system - XP / Vista, 7;
• CPU - Inter Core 2 Duo, 3 GHz;
• , RAM - 2 GB,
• graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT or Radeon HD 3450 512 MB;
• free hard disk space - 10 GB.

Such high technical requirements, of course, mean that Royal Quest game online has its own client. You can download it free at the official site.

Join in the game Royal Quest is a very simple process - you are only required to enter:
• username,
• password
• electronic mailbox address.

Next agree with necessary items and - check your Royal Quest.
Once you have installed the client, log in and make sure that the Royal Quest Online registration is successful, you will choose for your character from one of four classes:
• swordsmen [_5_ ] • archers,
• magicians,
• thieves.

Each class has a number of features - their weapons, their profession - one for the servants of the goddess of light Aura and one for those who want to serve the goddess of darkness Morigin.
Swordsmen - strong and hardy army of King ("the iron fist of the throne"), they are masters of melee, and their armor can withstand any enemy attack. In class Swordsmen play Royal Quest can specialty - and crusader knight of darkness.
Master Ranged - Archer class is not only marksmanship shooting, and a good physical form. Professions - Hunter and Sniper.
Class magicians derives its strength from the natural elements, spells - their only weapon, but it can destroy a large army. Professions class - wizard and warlock.
Finally, the class of Thieves - it mishandled Cossack, who know the value of useful information, however, engaged in espionage. Their trump card - agility and prytkost. In the classroom you can choose Thieves profession robber or assassin.

But do not rush yourself to wrestle with what career to choose and which way to go - the choice you have to make only 20-m level.
In general, Royal Quest online game in which leveling system something like the same «Ragnarok» - there is a certain amount of performance, and you will distribute points between them, and any time you can reset it distribution.

Specifications that your character will be six:
• Accuracy,
• Dexterity,
• power [ _5_] • endurance,
• luck,
• intelligence.

Moreover, with each passing level, you'll gain new abilities without any investments. Also, each level brings character talent points that can be distributed at their discretion.

Great interest to those who undertake to play the game online Royal Quest causes PvE aspect of the game - more than 100 locations inhabited by a wide variety of monsters to kill which sometimes is not so easy. And this despite the fact that the battles with monsters are often the main component of the quest, so dodge the "test mobs" not quite simple. PvP (player vs. player) - fights are also popular. And by the way, they do not fight for players other than the right to kill for especially strong monsters.

Battle takes place in three locations:
• Pyramid,
• Manor Dollmaker,
• Eliniumnye cave.

And yet - in the Royal Quest play nice not only because of the concept and the plot, but her technical mastery of execution - isometric character mapping scheme, a large number of locations originally outlined, rich music, in short, everything that provides the player with a pleasant aesthetic pastime.

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