Runes of Magic

Alternative names: Runes of Magic

Want original fantasy? Want to play free and online? Want new chips for character development? Then go to the "Land of despair" - browser-based multiplayer role-playing game, better known as Runes of Magic online. Here you will find a modern 3D graphics, exciting plot with lots of quests and, of course, large-scale battles in the format of player vs. player.

To play the game Runes of Magic Online, you will need to download (ofsayta) and install the game client (program to run the game from your computer). Minimum system requirements for the PC as follows: CPU: AMD 2500 (or INTEL Pentium 4) 2. 0GHz, 1 Gig of RAM, video card Nvidia GeForce 5700 128MB (or ATI Radeon 9600 and similar), 10 gigabytes of free hard disk space. I still need to install or update DirectX 9. 0c. Online game Runes of Magic is supported by any browser.

Now create your account. Join in the game Runes of Magic is performed in the browser on the official site. Click "Start playing" and at the end, select "go to the registration page." You get the form, fill it and click "Sign Up Runes of Magic». In the form you will need to specify the username (screen name) and forum name, address current mailbox password. At the end of simple arithmetic to verify and accept the rules of the game. That's all that will require you to Runes of Magic online registration.

Then proceed to the creation of the character. Race in one game - it's people. But there are eight classes of characters: Warriors, Scouts, Rogues, Mages, Priests, Knights, the Guardians and the Druids. Well, choose whom you want to play the game online Runes of Magic. Warriors - skilled craftsmen battle having crushing force attack. Scouts - hunters and trackers, masterful archery and crossbow. Rogues - acrobats and fans to strike back, their main weapon dagger and speed. Magee - sages and advocates, their weapons - magic spells, throwing fire and lightning. Priests - intermediaries between men and gods, and even possess miraculous magical powers, can restore health and return to life. Knights - the most powerful class, they wear heavy armor and is easily operated by any weapon. Keepers - they are one with nature, invincible in melee and have an additional weapon against the enemy, their pets. Druids - sages and healers, to subdue the enemy with their spells. The main thing is that you know exactly useful, that is, reaching level 10, you can choose a complementary class hero, that is here has a dual class system. In addition, if desired, you can change the classes places.

Runes of Magic online game in which all the characters have a common characteristic - Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect and Wisdom. Of weapons that you will be able to play Runes of Magic, there is a one-handed swords, daggers, wands, one-handed axes, cudgels, two-handed swords, staves, axes and hammers, bows and crossbows, and thrown weapons.

Also, to play Runes of Magic, namely, to move around the game map, you need the runes - special stones that can be embedded in objects and receive a variety of special abilities.

The game has a profession, these tools are applied. Being a craftsman is as important as being a warrior - the only way to earn gold and diversify their ammunition.

But, of course, most importantly, what attracts the game Runes of Magic Online - is extensive and spectacular battles in the format of PVP (player versus player). Variety of classes and weapons, as well as military skills provide these characters struggles unique atmosphere of battle, which we are sure you will not be felt until now.

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