Alternative names: Sacred

Sacred - fantasy computer role-playing game in the genre of RPG. The German-based manufacturer of Ascaron, brought to life a series of games Sacred, translated the Prince of Darkness. The game is interesting and exciting. You do not have much strain or build entire chain in strategic battles. It is safe to travel and complete quests.

How to finish reading this review of the game, we advise you to view Sacred videos and screenshots. And then you can download the game Sacred site.

Sacred game provides you an opportunity to explore the world of fiction. You'll play on the continent, Ankara, in the universe of Sacred.

Next you have a choice for the character of the proposed options:

• Gladiator;

• Battle Mage;

• Forest Elf;

• Dark Elf;

• Serefima;

• Vampiressa.

Gladiator - the best in melee battles. Copes with any kind of weapon.

Battle Mage - the main weapon of magic, but also a good command of swords, wands, staffs, etc. etc. Advise beginners not to choose it. Has a weapon that he uses only.

Forest Elf - good for beginners. This is representative of only fighting over long distances. Use magic elves, and only the best close range shooting with a bow and crossbow.

Knight - melee fighter. Uses the power of the dark elves and poison. Very interesting and powerful character. Has weapons only for their own use.

Serefima - heir to the mystical angel. Uses celestial magic, and a good command of swords, archery.

Vampiressa - two in one. In daylight - a powerful warrior, and at night - a strong vampire. Entertaining character.

Who in the game Sacred You'll play it just your choice. Over time, each character can try.

Game Prince of Darkness provides the outset certain skills your characters. Throughout the game, elevating the levels, you can upgrade skills. Also at the performance level of your character affects the value set of standard characteristics. Such as strength, endurance, agility, physical regeneration, mental regeneration and charisma.

Sacred pc game is divided into levels of difficulty, which have names of precious metals: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and niobium. And the map of Ankara continent divided into parts - regions. So you are presented with a large expanse for your so-called walking.

The game is called Sacred Prince of Darkness is not in vain. It turns out that the gameplay has a prehistory. And as always, here comes the heroes with evil intentions, then translate their intentions. Bear the punishment for it. In exile, he gains strength again and goes into the world to settle evil. We are talking about shaddara.

Your character must make every effort in the performance of tasks.

Confident that the game Sacred you already intrigued. There is nothing more fun than wandering the expanses of colorful world. After the schedule here of good quality, all the cards worked. And the music is well chosen, not just does not distract from the game itself.

May proceed. Successful you play!

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