Saints Row 4

Alternative names: Saints Row 4

All, without exception, know that the game Saints Row 4 - plagiarism is good all existing large-scale projects. The new part did not even planned as an exception. On the contrary - now the game is an interesting combination of GTA and Prototype in the original treatment of the creators of the Saints from Volition. Despite the fact that this project does not carry a single gram of unique information, like him. Gamers from around the world recognize the game, even critics Hats off to developers, who can afford to borrow anything, but while doing some project so different and special.

Like other games clones Saints Row 4 is trying to outshine the borrowed elements. While someone is trying to take a great sense of humor or absolutely realistic atmosphere Saints lean on frenzy. Absolutely Bezbashenny project can not be taken seriously, but also adversely treat it as impossible. The new part of offspring Volition surprise presence (though in large quantities) of interesting jobs and fascinating text quests. And in the performance unwittingly viewed the basic elements of the Matrix - came from the heart to the new game, do not say anything.

To start the game, you need to download Saints Row 4. As you probably know, the installation files are downloaded this project always pretty quickly, especially if you enjoy using links from torrent trackers. The plot of the fourth Saints raised the main characters to the highest level of power - now the main character is presented as a President of the United States of America (no more nor less, sights, imagine how responsibly now will have to play Saints Row 4? ). Near the same environment "leader" is also located within walking distance - a friend of President belong place in the administration. And, like, occurs as needed, take the holy laws and help decide the fate of mankind, only with the letter of the law, but something unexpected happens.

Saints Row 4 pc tells about the invasion of aliens who brazenly kidnapped the local population. Did not exclude aliens and Mr. President. Then everything comes more confusing and unclear - for some reason the aliens placed the head of state Stilporta model, exactly like a real city. What do they want to achieve this is unclear. However, you will find out, performing in Saints Row 4 missions of various kinds.

A change of scenery has allowed the creators of the game to add some new elements. Several project developers moved away from the concept of GTA, which they exploited intensively in all the previous games of its own production, and decided to change the direction of development in the direction of fantasy. Well, they turned out quite well, well, original, so accurately. To have a clear idea about the game, you can view a specially crafted for Saints Row 4 video trailer detailing innovations and advantages.

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