Savage 2

Alternative names: Savage 2

Savage 2 Game - Online shooter in strategic genre fiction. Ancestor of the first issue of Savage. Manufacturers have made improvements, but not as weird as hoped fans.

In Savage 2 play all also need monsters.

Before you play the game Savage 2, you need to inspect your system requirements. The game does not require a machine with heaped parameters, you just have to respond to those requirements mean:

• processor with a frequency of 1.3 - 2.2 GHz;

• 512 MB RAM - 1 GB

• 128 MB video card;

• 2 GB hard disk space;

• access to the Internet.


Game Savage 2 is officially free, but that would improve the possibilities of characters, you can buy premium accounts.

When tested, you can now proceed to design the games. Savage 2 registration implies a fairly easy process:

1. visit the official site of the game Savage 2;

2. tick the box "play for free";

3. go on the record sheet, pressing the line "registration page";

4. enter a nickname (name) character, containing from one to sixteen digits or letters;

5. enter the address of your current e-mail, make sure in fact, because it will come here and update the required information;

6. come up and enter your password, do not use passwords with other online resources;

7. Repeat this to create a password;

8. select the activation (free or not)

9. be sure to select one of the options, where did you learn about the game Savage 2;

10. click on "create new account".

You in the game. Here you meet the team in an amount of from five to thirty-two players. Have the opportunity to become the leader of this group and lead them to the top of the game. Either be one of the subordinate soldiers. The main task of the game Savage 2 - to destroy the command center opponents and destroy them all. You can choose anyone wake of the proposed characters, and they were not enough. They all have individual characteristics. However, in this case, they all have the same attributes. Introducing them to you:

• Health;

• mana;

• endurance;

• armor;

• honey agaric.

Health - is the sum of the losses absorbed received before death.

Mana - like magic required to perform certain features and magic spells.

Stamina - needed for jumping, racing and flying. We can not allow stamina to zero - Player inaction.

Armor (protective factor) - Reduces damage received in combat. On each player must have armor that can be bought at the beginning of the game. They play an important role in the melee.

Honey mushrooms - for every level of experience, the player earns points. The resulting experience helps in the improvement of the player in a particular direction.

Savage 2 Online requires a strategic game. It's not just like that. We should clearly consider every step even after the commander gives the command.

Perhaps the game Savage 2 is not much you appreciate the changes, compared with the first part, but still here improved graphics and animation.

Next choice is yours. Good luck to you!

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