Seafight - Battleship

Alternative names: Sea Battle, Sea fight

Seafight online game - it's a pirate world, all of which takes place in real time.

To play the game Seafight online, your computer must be of such a system requirements:


• System Windows 2000/XP;

• Processor Pentium 3 700Mhz;

• Video GeForce 32mb;

• Memory 256 mb;

• hard drive 100mb;

• Internet 56k modem.


• System Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7;

• Pentium 4 processor 1. 6GHz, AMD XP 2500 +, AMD Athlon64 2800 +,

• Video GeForce 32mb;

• 512 mb;

• hard drive 100mb;

• Internet DSL / Cable

Also, to start playing Seafight, Seafight need to pass registration. It consists of several steps:

1. Enter a nickname.

2. Think, and enter the password again.

3. Specify your email address.

4. Choose a server.

5. Specify the date of birth.

6. Agree with the terms and conditions and privacy policy register.

Battleship game requires no download and no software installations. When registration Seafight over, you can start your online pirate adventure.

Game Seafight online beautifully painted. Excellent graphics enhances the sense of reality all that is happening.

In Seafight online for pirates there their ranks. Initially travel becomes the first rank - landlubber. Thanks to the continuous development of the character, his rank will increase. All in the game twenty ranks:

• landlubber;

• Water Rats;

• polomojki;

• jung;

• Tailor;

• nabivschik cannons

• foremast sailor;

• boatswain;

• navigator;

• Navigator;

• Sailor;

• Candidate pirates;

• coastal pirate;

• corsair;

• sea robber

• filibuster;

• shipping baron;

• Marine Prince;

• sea king;

• lord of the seas.

In pirate adventures will meet with a lot of sea monsters, which can be overcome only by using all his skills. You can visit many incredible locations, will fight enemies and explore the sea space of the game world.

Novice first twenty-four given immunity from attack, which comes into effect from the date of registration. If the first day no one will attack, then after twenty-four hours immunity be lifted. In the early game, try to concentrate on the quest - to received their money can buy harpoons for killing monsters. Killing monsters, your newbie protection comes loose.

Also, the online game Seafight offers a choice of three-dimensional ship - will feature more than one hundred of ship designs. You will choose your weapon and necessary for the life of pirate attributes.

In naval battles with other players can battle it out using the ship's guns. Also, you can hire a team in the Pub, paying their work. Each pirate has its own characteristics and skills, so there are all different.

The game has two kinds of game currency:

• pearls;

• gold.

Pearls can be purchased for real money. Use it to

To buy the most powerful ships, weapons and all sorts of things.

Gold can be obtained during the passage of quests, drowning ships

Competitors, destroying sea monsters or also for real currency.

Another opportunity to enrich themselves are buried treasures on the islands. Pirates, who found the treasure can afford wild life, without worrying about the financial situation.

Month each pirate have the opportunity to win ten thousand euros - it's worth noting that this treasure is not virtual, but real.

In Seafight play more interesting and the fact that before you open a wide selection in every possible way to realize themselves. There are over thirty thousand guilds, one of which you can join. However, it is not necessary to join the guild someone - you can create your own guild, becoming the head of the pirate clan.

Started playing online game Seafight, do not want to stop. Everyone wants to be a desperate sea lord, destroy their harpoons many sea monsters and feel the sweet taste of freedom!

Join in the game Seafight will plunge into the atmosphere of piracy!

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