Alternative names: Seedevil

Game Seedevil conquers sea space.

Troubled times have come bred monsters horrible kind in the sea, and pirate brethren quite insolent. Fishermen can not go to sea without getting their boat is not turned the gang of robbers. Travelers are afraid to go into the water because of the horror stories about robbers and bloodthirsty monsters. A strategy game Sea Devil teach to resist the enemy, using the knowledge and power.

Whatever terrible it was not evil, it exists a board, just need to throw the cry of the people. Among the common people have always had a lot of fellows, ready to scratch fists, shoot muskets and work out in the battle with sabers. And if they promise to own ship, the queue of those wishing to have no end. Everyone wants to play in the Sea Devil, and no one is afraid of the dangers that are sure to meet in full.

Raise the flag.

Adventure awaits, and if you dare to play the game Sea Devil, knowing about the upcoming challenges, you are really brave captain. It remains to decide whose flag flying on the flagpole ship Douglas Western or Eastern Aldrich.

A special feature is the ability to build toys and airships, and deploy battles in the air, under and above the water. It is not far from all the delights of the gameplay, and will have access to other aspects of gameplay:

Teper proceed to the creation of the fleet, and this requires captains. But do not take indiscriminately each with its own track record and skills are painted in six points. It is better to help navigate around the rims floral portraits of captains:

  • Samye weak zelenye
  • Chut stronger sinie
  • Dalee go fioletovye
  • Zheltye already look zamanchivo
  • No most coveted and rare krasnye

Analogichno is the case with vehicles. Start have weak crockery with the lowest. But what a sad knowing their business, you quickly will understand with this issue. Each ship has the following areas:

Kazhduyu part can be corrected itself until the fleet will not be perfect in all respects.

  • Steering
  • Paluba
  • bow with kariatidoy
  • Tryum with boepripasami
  • Vooruzhenie
  • Bronya
  • Korma

Ships and airships must develop such a speed that can catch up with and overtake the enemy; gun surprising range and accuracy of fire; armor to withstand a few hits.

But do not think that is expensive, so good. All ships of its own characteristics: some are better at attack, others with the defense, and still others are roomy and serve as a means of delivery of necessary equipment. And it's not all that gets the player when behind the Sea Devil registration.

The combat system.

Battle going on here originally, and the process seems simple only in appearance. In fact, you need to consider tactics to perfectly accommodate the fleet within a single window, where will the decisive event.

Players move their ships on the cells, and when the field gets to reach the enemy ship, open fire. As captains have different talents, use them at one time to affect the outcome of events iPlayer Sea Devil. By their actions, they can strengthen the Allied ships, burn the enemy cargo and whatnot.

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