Alternative names: Sfera online

Online Game Sphere - an addictive game that created domestic developers. It can make a reasonable competition of this kind MMORPG games.

Everyone knows that few domestic games boast good quality, but we can say that the game Sphere online is the exception to the rule. First game came back in 2003, but despite its age, the game continues to grow and attract more and more new players. Initially play the game online Sphere could only charge. Price for the use of the game was 5 y. is month. But quite a lot of time online Sphere is absolutely free, which further attracted to her even more users.

Join in the game Sphere goes through the usual for this kind of games, scheme. The first thing to do - is to create a profile on the website of the game. You need to enter your username, password, and email address. Scope of Registration also requires the installation of the game client, which can be downloaded directly from the website. As you can see, online registration Scope spans all a little time, leaving it for the game.

Once passed the registration process, you can proceed directly to the game. According to history, the world was created in the game after long vicissitudes experienced by ancient Indian manuscript with mantras to create a variety of illusory universes, which is Scope. Initially, he was removed from the parchment of India in 1203, and then spent much time in the Byzantine library, from which fell into the hands of his brother Batiz. In 1348, Europe suffered a terrible misfortune - an epidemic of bubonic plague. As a refuge from a terrible illness, Batis brother decided to create a parallel world of happiness. But to create it is necessary that the reader mantras was in complete tranquility, which does not work, because the monks conceived to burn the heretic Batiz. Precisely because of this, instead of the planned World Happiness, was mistakenly created a world of misery, where an infinite number of different monsters, time goes faster 12 times, and every 666 years there is a complete destruction. Because of this, in the outer worlds are beginning to be too diverse disasters and calamities. Then on top of that were lost between the outside world and Sphere.

Caught in a completely different environment, people gradually began to woo the world, began to create the city and state. It would seem that everything is going well, but then as time went on, and the hour of destruction of the world, and I had to do something. Naturally try to save the world can be to each player.

In the sphere can play on six continents. Hyperion - is the largest island, Helios - smaller island, separated from him later another continent, called Rhodes. Leon - the youngest continent which all later split from the main body and, in fact, an island. The remaining two continents - it Phoebus and Charon, which are respectively the light and dark. Charon also serves as a prison for offenders. Across the continents are various locks, which in most cases belong to different clans. Play the game in online is much easier in some part of the clan. One in this world is not easy! Generally Sphere online game, which is based mainly on inter-clan struggle, not in war with scary monsters.

Unlike most games, the choice of character class is performed incrementally in the passing game. The main occupation of the game is a battle, so it is unlikely the game will be very much a peace-loving players. Scope need to play in one of 14 different specialties. The character has only two parameters - the title and magic power. Charge experience is only for the victory over the enemies in battle.

Fairly good in-game graphics, especially like to point out is the detail of the characters. Texture quality leaves much to be desired, but so small size of the game client, it is quite acceptable. Quests in the game, almost all very similar and monotonous, it is obvious that the developers did not explicitly bet on them.
Thus, we have a pretty interesting game especially for clan battles and battles.

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