Sphere 2: Arena

Alternative names: Sfera: 2 Arena

Sphere 2: Arena online - free multiplayer online fantasy game that will immerse you into the world of Sphere.

Minimum system requirements for the game are as follows:
- Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7
- Internet connection
- Processor: PIV-1500
- Memory 1024 Mb RAM,
- Video: GeForce3 level and above with 64 MB VRAM
- Minimum 700 MB of free hard disk space.

To be able to play the game online Sphere 2: Arena you need to install the latest version of DirectX.

Join in the game Sphere 2: Arena may not be necessary if you are registered in the project NIKITA. Online, as the online game Sphere 2: Arena is connected to a single registry GameXR passport. If you have already registered an account yet, Sphere 2: Arena Online registration is possible in two ways:
- simple - you enter the desired character name, password and e-mail;
- full. Here you will be required, in addition to standard data, the introduction of first and last name, as well as answers to two secret question. All of this will be used in the event of data loss for authorization.

Just to play you need to download and install on your PC client software from the official website of the game that takes you no more than 10 minutes.

Sphere 2 Arena online game is very different from other games of this genre. This game is aimed solely at maintaining fights between real players. Battles with artificial intelligence, when you play the game Sphere 2: Arena online, are not supposed to do. Just does not provide travel the world, performing tasks with riddles and research buildings, caves and the like.

When you play Sphere 2: Arena, then the choice is before you, for which of the two races to do it.
People. This initial population of the world Fields, people do not have the typical appearance. They may have a different color to skin, eyes, hair, tattoos can be multiple. Clothing style also varies and depends on the taste of the owner. Males are usually larger than women, but not stronger for power. Their opponents call people fremderami. People are very creative, can own magic, but it is especially good at designing complex combat mechanisms. Vampire blood a healing effect on people, gives them strength and endurance.
Vril. People call them vampires. They come from a lost world now Abrak. Vril have fair skin, slightly pointed ears, eyes, red refluent. Vril are not afraid of garlic or sunlight. They do not feed on blood, although it serves them as a means of supporting, without which vril weakens. Silver does not kill them, though a weak poison. Vril settle estates. Very talented in magic, made from wood, metal, stone skilled crafts. They are very fast, agile and tenacious, though inferior to man in power.

Game Sphere 2: Arena Online offers players the character development in several classes:
- Warrior
- Mag
- scout
- priest.

Each class in turn has several specializations that you have to choose, you will choose to your liking during the game.

In Area 2: Arena you can play, fighting in the battles for the two fields: the river valley and ravine Gram-gon. Each field has its own specifics of combat. River Valley in the arena to capture Gram sinister crystal Timolanta and five altars. In Ravin-Gon Ayzenshloss need to capture the castle.

During the game you will have the opportunity to participate in these kinds of fights:
- free (and Vril people in the same team),
- race (people against Vril)
- inter-clan (clans fighting among themselves for influence).

Register Sphere 2: Arena will open before you the island, lost between the waves of Chaos. On this island can not escape, so residents can only lead endless relentless battle with each other.

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