Sphere: Reborn

Alternative names: Sfera: Pererojdenie

Sphere: Reborn online - this is the first multiplayer role-playing game in the Russian style of fantasy.
Join in the game Sphere: Reborn racing requires a special client, then the introduction of nick, password, e-mail. Registration Sphere: Reborn is not necessary if you already have an account in any project of GameXP NIKTIA. Online. If you forget your password from the system GameXP passport, the game Sphere: Reborn online help you recover it.

At the beginning of the game you are prompted to create a character and choose his own appearance, including tattoos. The character has several characteristics. This title (military successes), the degree of (magical achievements), health, prana, satiety, the parameters of attack and defense. The maximum level of title and power - 60. When you play the game online Sphere: Reborn, then at a certain stage of development of your character, he will be able to choose a profession. This magical profession - Inquisitor, Druid, Enchanter, Necromancer and Archmage. Fighting profession - Crusader. Hunter, Steel Master, Gunslinger, Bandier. Assassin, Barbarian, Thief and Blacksmith demand development as a magical and military skills. Professions Guild Master will teach you, and to cultivate in the chosen craft you will need to carry out its tasks.

To play the game Sphere: Reborn online and develop your character, you have to kill the monsters that inhabit the world. In addition, NPC characters who live in cities, will offer you a mission to destroy the monsters and well pay for it. Go on the hunt for a monster you can alone, or may take with a company, in this case, the monster's level greatly increase. The higher the level killed monster, the more experience points you get. All in the game more than 150 different species of bloodthirsty monsters.
Online Game Sphere: Reborn offers several options trading - or NPC-dealer or other players. In the latter case, you can haggle.
To play Sphere: Reborn successfully, you can get in any group to perform a task or to join the clan. Clans in the game a large number, but start there and not so easy to survive probation.

To win you will be provided with more than 500 weapons and 50 magical artifacts. Weapons that are available, determined by the level of character development.
Your character is karma, which determines the place of his resurrection and loss at the death of things. Karma can be improved by performing certain tasks.
Sphere: Reborn online game will give your character a recipe book, which will be written recipes for the use of powders to give things the unusual properties of the Book of Mantras in which you store spells.
Battles in the game dynamic, for every taste. Sometimes clans are large scale battles for possession of locks.

To a Sphere: Reborn play, you need to familiarize yourself with the four continents - Hyperion, Charon, and the Fed Rhodes and eight cities. In each city the player waiting for interesting quests, battles and traps.
World Areas originated in the Middle Ages, it has created a monk who wanted to escape from the plague raging in a new and happy world. Instead, because of the arrest and execution, a monk managed to create a world of suffering, which has developed steadily magic, as well as there are various monsters. There is a prophecy which states that the scope of the world will perish, and with it will die and our land, shocked lots of disasters struck. So many brave men seek so-called master node, which can prevent the fulfillment of prophecy.
Sphere: Reborn Online registration is very simple, but will get you into a world of magic and knights, in which you will be able to take its rightful place.

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