Shadow Company

Alternative names: Shadow Company

Game Shadow Company - free multiplayer first-person shooter military subjects, requiring the application of strategy. Developer - Doobic Game Studios used modern Unreal Engine 3. Awesome realistic 3D graphics format allows plunge into the maelstrom of events, absorbed completely into the atmosphere of hostilities. You find yourself in a cruel world where there are absolutely no rules listed. On the battlefields of absolute chaos, because in order to disrupt as much as possible jackpot participants are not picky in the media. If you do not like restrictions, constrained in real life, visit Shadow Company online to experience the feeling of complete freedom of action. Take part in the brutal gang showdowns and prove to others that deserve to be a leader!

To play the game Shadow Company will need a computer this configuration:

- Operating system is Microsoft Windows;

- P4 processor 3. 0Ghz;

- Geforce 7600 graphics card;

- RAM 1GB.

Because this game client type, you need to install it on your PC. But maybe this is just after you pass the Shadow Company registration. You can create an account on the site, or in any social network that interests you. Join in the game Shadow Company involves the introduction of e-mail address and password. No unnecessary problems, everything is easy.

Play Shadow Company you will, driving units. At your disposal, you can have up to eight soldiers. Do not worry about that as long as you control one of them, others may be destroyed. To protect the units at the time when you can not pay attention to them, there is a monitoring mode. Through this they can defend themselves if necessary. Note also the fact that the units are endowed with certain characteristics. You must be pumped and improve parameters of their wards in order to enable them to adequately reflect the strong attack enemies.

After the first time you come to be in a dangerous world breathable crime should get an appointment with a local cone. In this way you will get the first job, and eventually its first profit. The more you provernetsya bloody deeds, the more it becomes a bag with dollars. The money in this uncompromising world solve almost everything. Money - is not only a means of acquiring all necessary, but also strength and power.

Shadow Company online game offers users multiple modes. Among them will certainly find something that will be most suitable for you. The first mode - up to 24 players in combat. This means that you should find yourself among the 24 mercenaries and rushed headlong into the boiling battle. A feature of this mode is the ability to help wounded comrades. For this you need only stretch pyatyunyu. A rivals who have already exhausted long battle and got some damage, if not hope for mercy. You can wimps ruthlessly finish without making a lot of effort for this. Next mode - "Dirty Money". Considered the most gracious regime. Problem is obvious - squeeze bag bucks. Conveniently, the owner of the cache is marked on the radar. Be careful, because in this mode, the time is limited. And another equally exciting mode - solve skills. There is great potential. For example, you can shoot the enemy at a time when he thinks that passes by the dead man call support helicopter, use invisibility and even organize a carpet bombing.

It is worth mentioning that Shadow Company can play using the form First Person. This switch to a sniper or a review with binoculars. Experience the full potential in the gameplay. Take care of decent armor, combat transport available. Interactive game world is so saturated and varied that it is impossible to describe everything in a few paragraphs. Therefore it will be best if their own experience to vote all the features gradually opening before nick during gameplay. Be sure you will not be left disappointed! Overview - optimistic! Good luck!

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