Shakes & Fidget

Alternative names: Shakes & Fidget

Shakes & Fidget online game - multiplayer browser game, which is copied from the comics.

In order to start playing online game Shakes & Fidget do not need to install or download any program, and just need to have the system requirements:

• any browser;

• Internet connection.

Register Shakes & Fidget the game is very simple and accessible.

To register for the game Shakes & Fidget online you need to perform such items as:

1. Choose your character.

2. Point class, gender and the external characteristic of the player.

3. Enter the name of the hero.

4. Dial a valid e-mail.

5. Think of your password.

After completing the registration of specific fields in the game Shakes & Fidget will be performed.

Game Shakes & Fidget Online has three classes of characters:

• warrior;

• magician;

• scout.

Warriors - a class that loves to take part in large-scale battles and use new weapons in battle.

Magee is always kept in the shade, and often impose terrible curse on the enemy.

Scouts - the most experienced fighters in the invisible front.

The game Shakes & Fidget online feature such races:

• People;

• Elves;

• Dark Elves;

• Goblins;

• Demons;

• Orcs;

• Dwarfs;

• Gnomes.

People - courageous and valiant, distinguished by their zeal for heroism.

Elves - incredibly graceful creation, but the external fragility does not prevent them always keep my ears open.

Dark Elves - the antithesis of the usual Elves.

Goblins - the stubborn, so they are something anyone can ruffle.

Demons - Funniest race, they have a funny horns.

Orcs - this race, which is easily inclined to violence, so it is the most brutal.

Dwarves have disguise that looks are not very pleasant, but they are actually quite lovely creation.

Gnomes - one of the nosy races.

Online game Shakes & Fidget is easy gameplay. Here you do not have to choose who and how to attack.

Once you get a new quest in the tavern, your character immediately go on a journey. After a few minutes, after you issleduesh area, your character will come battle with the monster.

Compensation for the performance of each quest will be:

• money;

• experience points;

• useful items.

To perform a new task, you must have a thirst for adventure points. Remember that they are limited, about a hundred a day. Once you spend all your points of adventure, you can send your character to work. Assisting policeman, you can earn some money. It happens that after the quest you get a key that can open the vault. Fighting in the dungeons with monsters and defeating them, you have the chance to get a good reward.

Play Shakes & Fidget is very profitable, because almost all the items allow your hero to get extra boost to combat characteristics. Useful items you can buy at the store, and you can acquire a mount at the stables. The stables you can buy:

• horse;

• cow;

• tiger

• vulture dragon.

Play the game Shakes & Fidget online very interesting. During the game you will collect weapons and armor that can be applied in the arena. Fight in the arena with you will be randomly selected players or with selected opponents in the Hall of Fame.

In Shakes & Fidget is very exciting to play more because you have the right to join the Guild, taking part in the battles against other guilds. After the victory, all participants will receive battle points of respect and experience.

Online game Shakes & Fidget is a very interesting feature. As in any game other, here there is a currency and that currency are mushrooms, which can be bought for real money at the dealer fungi, as well as get as a reward for killing a monster. Mushrooms can be used in different ways:

• Points update adventure;

• faster completing the quest,

• acquire his mounts the best equipment.

Game Shakes & Fidget online will allow you to have fun. The main focus of the game is not on the seriousness and the difficult role system, and humor. If you want a bit of fun, then start to play the game Shakes & Fidget online.

Shakes & Fidget check waiting for you!

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