Shank 2

Alternative names: Shank 2

System requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 @ 2. 4 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2600 +

RAM: 1. 5 GB

Video: 256 MB

Disk Space: 1. 5 GB

Shank 2 - arcade game, made in the style of the animation, the continued adventures of a former assassin, who stood on the path to reform and revenge for the death of his beloved. Though in Shank 2 protagonist and corrected, but the habit to use violent ways to solve problems. To do this, it uses a variety of sizes knives, machetes and a wide selection of firearms. Shank 2 game is very dynamic and requires considerable skill and reaction. All acts of violence drawn caricature, as in the previous section, all done deliberately tough and bloody. The storyline is different deep thought and the general idea is that Shank, tired of the surrounding mayhem and crime is solved hated criminal elements show that the time has come to live together, but the manner he chose for this very radical.


Shank 2, which is fun to play and fervently, as the plot revolves around the main character. He spins and spins like a top, rushing for two-dimensional levels, rolls, jumping and waving knives, explodes and destroys the hordes of enemies. Has drawn blood fountains and flows like water, everywhere there are explosions and gunfire, blazing flames, and all that's going on throughout the game, from the first to the last level. The protagonist Shank 2 laconic and with equanimity bulldozer sweeps through animated levels, smashing everything in its path. To destroy the enemy can come in handy all that can be found away from the enemy or even slightly resembling a weapon. Machetes, chainsaws, baseball bats, knives, pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers and even pans - everything comes into play in Shank 2. All these can be enjoyed standing, sitting, or jumping. Shank 2 game allows you to actively use and the environment, relieving the enemy in huge pits and abysses, shoot down hung loads hanging over the heads of ordinary accidents.


Shank 2, which you can play forever, unfortunately, is limited to just eight missions. However, they can take hours, and for everyone there is a cooperative mode, where the company will be the second player to participate in the defense of their own lives and several chests of pushing the enemy forces that will climb on you endlessly on all sides. In addition, will be gradually opened to achieve and new costumes for the main character, like the appearance of the homeless or other bizarre species.

Blood and action

Game Shank 2 can not be considered a full-fledged action game in the modern sense of the genre of computer games. The game is drawn very colorful and visually attractive. In the action game is not to deny the dynamism and speed, as well as rolls over brutality as the main character, sullen and angry and all that is happening on the screen during all missions. Storyline pumped up, but it is for games of this genre and is not required, because the most important thing in it is the drive, the constant movement and a lot of blood. Opportunities in the game are limited only by the imagination of the player, the duration of missions and your reaction.

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