Shini game

Alternative names: Shini geim

Fans of samurai fights, massive PvP battles and anime Bleach will be conquered by the Shini Game browser game, sustained in the Japanese tradition of creating images and actions. Team up and become the savior of the inhabitants of Seyratey.

Shini Game: it all started like this ...

Even heroes are sometimes injured and in need of recovery. Our brave man received a good bashing and for a while fell out of reality. When he came to, he realized that he did not remember much. To overcome the amnesia and recuperate, he will have to put a lot of energy in order to become a full-fledged warrior again and revive the city of the guides of souls. Commander commanders him to the world of the living, where he will meet true comrades and friends, as well as fight with enemies and horrible monsters.

After starting to play Shini Game, you have to assemble a team of soldiers, explore new spaces, complete many missions and gain experience with skills, improve your characteristics, get weapons and upgrade uniforms. In pumping will help you:

  • Academy Shinigami
  • S S
  • Weapons
  • Shoot Hogek and Rayatsu
  • Soul Stones mined in Events

Moving in the plot, you will receive gifts, bonuses and you will be able to automatically search for the trail.

We choose a hero and create an image

Each potential samurai needs registration in the Shini Game, after which he can become one of the three heroes:

  • Kido is a real intellectual. His analytical and logical abilities are already powerful weapons, which he opposes to enemies.
  • Kiken terrifies opponents, deftly manipulating a two-handed sword. He is young, clever and tireless, which makes him a valuable warrior.
  • Reydzin phenomenally owns onions. The speed with which he sends arrows towards the enemy is amazing.

Get in one of the heroes, create its image, trying on facial features (eyes, hair, clothes) and clothes.

Expand your surroundings by buying characters in the tavern or completing tasks. With enough individuals available, distribute their roles in the team for a better balance of power. The first row takes the main wave of aggressors, the second actively destroys the enemy, and the third - acts with magic. Study the properties of your subordinates and according to their characteristics find the right place for them in the ranks.

Fights are accompanied by magical special effects. Everything happens quickly, dynamically, and the change of landscapes occurs due to the movement of warriors between worlds. Heroes lightning fly across the field, passing the baton in the offensive or defense. Fallen warriors behind them leave bloody traces, and sometimes they drop artifacts: zanpako swords, pouches with silver, "belts of generous souls."

Get up some money in order to buy useful things in the shop, allowing you to win faster and protect your life. The assortment opens gradually, as we increase experience and the number of completed tasks.

Attractive facets of the game

According to the story, the

Shini Game iPlayer is not far from the original source, which can not fail to please the fans of the original. Before the players appears colorful, diverse and large-scale world, with clearly traced, three-dimensional and coherent graphics. Cartoon images do not spoil the impression at all. On the contrary, the authors' idea is worthy of approval from gamers, who can add one more pearl to the personal collection of anime games.

The browser toy allows you to interact with real people through virtual characters, which turns battles into a competition of logic, speed, and tactical thinking. It is also nice that every day spent in the game brings a new prize.

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