Shot Online

Alternative names: Shot Online

Game Shot Online - is a massively multiplayer online golf video game in which the characters are also available, and given the opportunity to develop them. This game is designed in the style of MMORPG.

Shot Online allows you to take part up to four players. Also, your player is given the opportunity to trade with other players.

Shot Online registration is presented on a special website, where there is all the information about this game. To register on this site you must:

1. Search through the browser's Shot Online.

2. Click on « New user? Free sing up ».

3. Enter your name, which must be from five to twenty characters of the Latin alphabet.

4. Invent and write your nickname for the forum. This is your unique name by which you communicate on the forum with other players of the game.

5. Come up and enter the password length from six to twenty characters. Password to be reliable, it is desirable to use not only the letter but also the numbers.

6. Write your password again, which indicated earlier.

7. Write your email address.

8. Confirm your email address that you entered earlier.

9. Press the « Submit » .


Shot game allows the player to move to the next level with the help of points earned.

Play Shot Online you will be using a special currency NG.

NG can be used to purchase items , such as club cards , balls, clothing, gather at [_77_ ] and charges for repair club.

Shot Online play you'll be in substantially the same terms as the other games in the style MMORPG, in the sense that she uses a mixture of experience players and objects to increase skill players . All characters games made in the genre anime.

Classification Shot Online game players based on the levels of the players and on the achievements at special areas. When you reach the progress, you will have more chances to get the opportunity to create a guild, or use the best equipment.

In Shot Online you have the opportunity to play the following characters:

1. Albus - 65 years - in his youth he was the greatest golfer.

2. Belzibyu - 19 years - it is rather cold person by nature.

3. Erda - 17 years - has shown great promise in the world of golf girl.

4. Shaoring - 15 years - despite the fact that it is small, it has great potential in the game of golf. It is sure to become a champion.

5. Wotan - 19 years - it just closes her eyes and immersed in the world of golf.

6. Sigmund - 18 years - he is a free player in golf and always plays with his left hand.

7. Camilla - 26 years - by nationality she African-American. She is a strong and sexy woman. Her nickname - Black leopard.

Shot Online Game can and not the first of the world of computer games golf pro, but this game is quite addictive.

You will get acquainted with the game of golf better, learn all its features and achieve heights with their characters.


We wish you luck in this game, even if you will conquer the great world of golf!

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