Alternative names: SimAgri

SimAgri Game is an online simulator and one of the games of the farm. In this game you have to develop your farm, care for diverse cultures.

In game SimAgri registration is very simple. In order to register in the game SimAgri you must prove the following:

1) Enter your user name and password.

2) Give us your email address and the server on which you want to play.


Play game SimAgri you can you can select one of several activities that are related to agriculture

- Selection: You can choose one of several species and breeds. Cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, guinea fowl, American Buffalo, which you have to take care of every day.

- Growing: You can choose to grow wheat, corn, beets, soybeans and more. And also, for example, you can try an orchard with apple trees.

- FWF: FWF means agrofirmovye work. Do you offer services to other agricultural activities by farmers as sowing, plowing, fertilizing and more.

- Transport: You can become a carrier of the contractor. You will control your truck or other means of transport.

- Dealer Agriculture: agricultural equipment you sell to other farmers. Buy, sell, repair, equipment rental.

- Livestock Center: You will be responsible for the implementation of artificial insemination for other farms. You must find the best breeding animals, semen samples inseminate cattle.

- Agricultural Cooperative: You control the agricultural cooperative, offering land to other farmers under contract to buy and sell their food and crop production through cooperation.

Begin SimAgri You play as follows:

1. First you need to subscribe to Simagri. Subscription is free and takes less than a couple of minutes. Once you register, you can start playing immediately.

Once you have logged in, your first step is to choose the place where you will equip your farm. To do this, select the region and then the department / province.

You can buy houses, farm animals, machinery, land, etc. And then begin to manage their farm.

You can also buy a special Simpass, which will give you the advantages and new options that will optimize the virtual farm.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Your account will be stopped and all data is lost. In addition, if the developers of the game will find deception, multiple accounts, your account will be deleted regardless of whether you had Simpass or not.

SimAgri online game based on the principle, as well as all the other farm. You have to buy animals and plants, care for them, harvest and make a profit.

Sign SimAgri in the game for free, improve your possession, play fair, and come to win!



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