Sins of a Solar Empire 2

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Sins of a Solar Empire 2 real time space strategy game. Players will find good quality graphics, excellent audio accompaniment and many interesting missions in the game.

Understanding all the intricacies of the game will be difficult without training, but the developers have taken care to provide the game with clear instructions that will help beginners.

Play Sins of a Solar Empire 2 you will start in hard times. There is a war going on in the galaxy between representatives of several races:

  • Vasari are the most desperate warriors on the battlefield
  • TEC getting stronger every game day
  • First advent in deceit and vindictiveness

Such a large conflict could bring the entire space to the brink of destruction.

Each of the races has its own unique management style and its own combat units. Even the economy is very different. Therefore, it will definitely be interesting for you to go through the game several times and see three different stories, the final of which will depend only on you.

In the course of the game, you will get a unique experience of managing a gigantic space empire. Responsibilities in this structure are clearly separated. Emperors determine the path of development and outline plans for the colonization of new planets. Combat commanders command defense and attack and determine targets for attack. Naturally, both will obey you. In addition, engage in resource extraction and exploration of new star systems in search of useful things. Manage battles in real time. The game successfully combines real time strategy and 4d strategy.

Explore new technologies that will open up many previously inaccessible opportunities for you.Build even more impregnable defensive structures.

Create an invincible fleet of ships consisting of thousands of units. Control them during battles on a galactic scale thanks to the new 64-bit multi-core engine.

Possibilities of the player are practically unlimited, choose with whom to be allies, and with whom to fight. In the new part of the game, many options for game tactics and strategies have been added that are available to the player.

You can play one of the local campaigns of your choice or fight against real opponents online. Sessions with up to 10 players are supported, each of which can be located in a different part of the globe. A stable internet connection is required to play online.

We have also taken care of those who may want to modify the game to their liking or create their own campaign. There are convenient tools for creating modifications. You can even write dialogue and integrate it into the game or change the balance to your liking.

If you love space strategy, be careful while playing. It is easy to get carried away and spend much more time in the game than planned. This perfectly demonstrates how interesting this game is.

Sins of a Solar Empire 2 download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can buy the game on the official website or on the Steam portal.

Install the game right now and start conquering the galaxy!

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